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Data Work group


MOUs and Licensing agreements
Quick details and what needs to be returned back

Phase 1 implementation
Sites ETO has been implemented at Trainings Provided Initial Data uploads Few preliminary reports Blueprint and new Time-Line

Phase 2 Implementation status Value-Added items included in ETO Other components of the overall project
Outcomes and Assessments (QIP)
SAYO Data in ETO


Dedicated PhillyBoost website now operational Sustainability beyond December 2014

Sub-group convened and discussions going on

Re-activation of Data Governance subgroup

MOU and Licensing agreements in place
What it includes:
Agreement (MOU for city departments) Exhibit-A: Scope of work Defines categories of users and Expectations and guidelines for accessing and utilizing data Appendix A-1: OST Network and Access Type Defines in detail the type of OST network and type of access based on staff role Appendix A-2: ETO description Explains in detail the software including capabilities, security, system availability, disaster recovery and training Exhibit B: Provider Agency Information (to be filled and returned back) Appendix B-1: Staff Access Form ( to be filled and returned back)

A word about Consents
Systems Building Project does not require any consents as none of the information made available by the project team through reports or evaluations or assessments will be identifiable at the individual participant level. Providers are responsible for all consents as needed by their funders or School district when requesting school level data. We have placed check boxes to track such forms but they are for your convenience and not a requirement.

Implementation Status:
Phase 1 Implementation (Complete)
Following networks/Providers set-up in ETO:
Philadelphia Parks and Rec. (PP&R)- 21 Locations Free Library of Phila. (FLP)-- 10 Branches Police Athletic League (PAL)-- I Location Independent Mission Schools-- 2 Schools Initial Data uploads completed in some and in progress for others.

Trainings provided so far:
3 separate customized end-user trainings provided to staff from the Phase 1 sites Total of over 60 staff trained

Second Phase of Trainings:

Customized trainings to Phase 1 staff at the supervisory level More end-user trainings to staff as ETO is rolled out to more locations in Phase 1 and subsequently in Phase 2

Phase 2: Implementation
Initially we were expecting Phase 2 (mainly PCAPS users and ASAP) to be ready for go-live within a week. Delayed as PCAPS integration/mapping took more time than expected Still we are not that far behind and expect to make ground. Signed off the blue-print this week---Updated timeline We are looking at about 80 or so providers with over 200 locations ASAP Will continue to add more sites of Phase1networks

Extended IS (PCAPS (PCAPS-ETO) What to expect

Reports: Custom reports (built based on input from many of the providers) 21 CCLC specific reports Dozens of Inbuilt ready to use reports Ability to run queries to extract any kind of data (and downloadable in multiple formats)


Nightly uploads Demographics Attendance data Enrollment Staff and Site information

Quality Tools like those of NIOST (SAYO) and PSADYN Track specific activities (on top of attendance data) Add additional non-DHS funded participants ( example: 21CLC) Track supplemental services (ASAP attendance) Track DPW requirements for staff and site Staff training (provided by agency as a group) 21st Century Skills rubric Site Assessment Survey Healthy Living Guidelines survey OST Health and Assessment survey

Dedicated website
Based on the input including from some of you, we chose PhillyBoost as our projects website name. It is registered and functional Inform the stakeholders and general public about the project status The site will feature local resources for providers, funders, educators, policy makers, parents and youth. Analysis and aggregate reports from data made available by the Extended IS Section for ETO users where we already have made available cheat sheets and one pager instructions on using various functions in ETO. There is also a discussion form to share tips/tricks and issues with others.

Other component updates of the overall Project:

Outcomes and Assessments
SAYO Data successfully uploaded for few sites and others to follow

Coordination update Project Sustainability Update

Fiscal sub-group convened early this week and discussions/plans are in process

Quick reports.

Final remarks
Re-activation of Data Governance subgroup
Now that we have a live system time to begin looking at Data Governance issues like quality, usability, reliability and consistency.

Any other questions?

Next DWG meeting date to be announced.