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Fig. Flowchart of Hazardous Management Government regulation PP No. 85/1999 1. Unspecific sources Machinery/Tools maintenance Washing orrosion !nhi"itor Fouling dissol#ing $ac%ing etc

&. 'pecific sources Waste from process industry /acti#ity that specifically can "e determined "y science 1. ()pired chemical* spillage* used containment* +ff-spec product. ,ue to off-spec product or can-t "e used anymore* hence any product "ecome ./ waste that needs management as ./ waste. Hazardous waste (B3) !ara teristi e"amination# 1. ()plosi#e waste 0t T &12 * $ 345 mmHg can e)plode

Through chemical reaction ;/ physical can produce gas with high T ; $ that can deteorite surrounding en#ironment.

&. Flamma"le waste 8i<uid ontain alcohol =&>?#ol 0t flash point 452 will "urn if contact with fire* other flame source at $ air 345 mmHg 6on 8i<uid* at T &1 * $ 345 mmHg can easily "urn through@ Friction #apor a"sorption spontaneously chemical reaction ompressed waste that can easily "urn +)idator waste /. 9eacti#e waste a. 6ormal ondition @ ". c. Unsta"le* can cause changing without e)plosion an react e)tremely with water. !f mi)ed with water @ e)ploded potentionally produce gas* #apor* or to)ic smo%e in <uantity that endanger human health and en#ironment. yanide waste* 'ulphide or 0mmonia at pH &-1&*1 can produce gas*#apor* or to)ic smo%e in <uantity that endanger human health ; en#ironment. d. 0t T ; $ standard can easily e)plode or reacti#e e. an cause fire due to release/accept o)ygen or pero)ide organic unsta"le at high T. >. To)ic waste ontain to)ic pollutant for human/en#ironment@ if inhalant into human "ody through ingestion* s%in* oral. 'tandard T 8$ ATo)icity haracteristic 8eaching $rocedureB* 8,15 Test which 15 mg/%g .ody weight* hronic Test Aattachment $$ 9! C1/DDB

1. !nfection waste a. 0mputated part of human "ody ". 8i<uid from infected human "ody c. Waste from la"oratory or other that infected disease 4. orrosi#e waste a. ". an cause irritation on s%in an cause corrosi#e on metal plate A'0( 15&5B with corrotion rate E4*/1 mm/year* T 11 c. 0cid waste pH & or 0l%aline waste pH 1&*1 Non B3 !ara teristi is not ontaining su$stan e# 1. ()plosi#e &. Flamma"le /. 9eacti#e >. To)ic 1. !nfection 4. orrosi#e

%e&aration o' non !azardous waste organi and non organi # 1. 9educe &. 9euse /. 9ecycle