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Saleh Md. Shakerul islam
Dip:- Civil Engineering Batch:- 60(B) Id:- 3276

Water Supply

Three members in our group.
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Our presentation on chapter eight

and the name of that’s chapter is

water purification.

We discus about eight subject from

That’s are

      

Methods of water purification. Suitable for domestic used. Theory of filtration through sand-bed. Principal units (Structures). Auxiliary units. Other essential equipments & devices. Principal parts of the filter. Pipe gallery.

Methods of water purification.
 Plain

sedimentation.  Filtration.  Disinfection.  Aeration.  Softening.  Activated carbon application.

Suitable for domestic used.
• Removal of turbidity. • Removal of colour. • Removal of iron & manganese. • Removal of hardness. • Removal of Objectionable salts.

Theory of filtration through sand-bed.
• • • • Mechanical straining. Sedimentation & absorption. Bacterial action or biological metabolism. Electrolytic action.

Principal units (Structures).

   

Plain sedimentation basin or tank. Mixing & flocculation basin. Filter building. Filtered water basin. Overhead wash water tank. Pump building.

Auxiliary units.
• • • • • • • Raw water intake line. Raw water pump. Pipe gallery. Wash water pump. Dirty water drain. Service pump. Service main.

Other essential equipments & devices.

    

Chemical feeders. Filter operating gallery. Loss of head-gauges. Rate of flow controllers. Chlorinators for disinfection.

Principal parts of the filter.
Inlet pipe.  Filter bed with sand & gravel.  Wash-water troughs.  Under-drain system.

Pipe gallery.
Settled water conduit (to filters). Wash water pips. Re-wash line (filter to waste). Dirty water drain. Loss of head device. Rate of flow controllers. Appropriate valves.

Our presentation And

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