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many transformations in both social as well as economical aspects of the society. With the advent of modernity and globalization and the accompanying phenomena such as industrialization, urbanization and migration the conventional living style has been undermined. Amid a rapidly transforming economy, social structure in India more particularly the family structure has also changed drastically. Nuclear units have increasingly replaced the extended family networks of old, undermining the role of the grandparent as the revered head of the family. Ageing is a natural process of human development and must be understood in all its dimensions and its effect. It has always been perceived as just a phase of life like, childhood and youth. The responsibility of caring for the elderly is traditionally that of family and most often by children. As the person becomes older their family members despite showing reverence to them neglects them and keep their hands off and left them. Elder people find themselves incarcerated and face the torment of elder age. Elder abuse is a complex issue encompassing economic, societal, psychological, and physiological issues of both the abuser and the abused. In recent year, the country like India has witnessed the evolution of new concept that is Old Age Homes because the children has no time to look after their parents. In the present paper, the authors have tried to touch the several aspects of the elder abuse in the context of India. The authors will firstly give the meaning, concept of the aging and old age and will give the broad outline of the religious and ethical view on the old person and the duty of their family members towards them. Secondly, the authors will focus upon the reason of their neglect by the family and the Human Rights issue attached to them. The authors will secondly focus upon the various effects of the elder abuse in the society and its ill consequences. Thirdly the paper will highlights some statical data regarding the position of the elder people in india and their problem. Fourthly, the authors will study the legal and legislative approach toward the care and protection of old age people in India. At last the authors will sum up the paper by concluding the various aspects of the elder abuse and suggesting some measure to obliterate and reform this social evil.