EJF Application Form

The following application should be completed by couples interested in learning more
information about EJF, their programs and the conversion process.
Phone number:
Cell phone number:
Email address:
Date of birth:
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How did you hear about Eternal Jewish Family?
Are you interested in a universally accepted
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Have you converted to Judaism before?
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If yes, under whose auspices?
Have you applied for conversion to any other
Rabbinic Authority?
Yes No
If so, Name and telephone number:
Please provide the name of a Rabbi who can serve
as a reference:
Telephone number of Rabbi reference:
Marital status:
Married Divorced Separated
Are you currently dating a Jew?
Yes No
Is your spouse Jewish?
Yes No
Do you have children?
Yes No
If so, how many and what ages:
Are you interested in having your children
Yes No
Have you read any books on Judaism or Jewish
Yes No
If yes, please list up to five titles:
What is your current or previous religious affiliation?
Please use the space below to describe your interest
in converting to Judaism:
For security, please enter the following letters into
the box at right:
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Application Form - EJF http://www.eternaliewishIamily.org/site/programs/application/app/
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Application Form - EJF http://www.eternaliewishIamily.org/site/programs/application/app/
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