Palace at Knossos Commentary "This palace, the largest known in Crete, with an area of 22,000 sq. metres (26,000 sq.

yards), was excavated by A. Evans between 1899 and 1932, and spectacularly restored, sometimes excessively. It occupies the summit of a small hill, and to the east it dominates a ravine on to which the royal apartments look out, with their large megaron on the Minoan plan—open on two sides, reached by a large staircase. The three main entrances are to the north, the west and the south. The western wing was occupied by extensive storerooms and by official apartments—audience and reception halls, sanctuary; a large staircase leads to state rooms." — John Julius Norwich. The World Atlas of Architecture. p134.
Architect unknown Location Knossos, Crete map Date -1700 to -1400 timeline Building Type palace Construction System bearing masonry; stone Climate mediterranean Style Minoan or Cretan Notes Orthogonal clustering of spaces. Columns taper toward base.