Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) is a service that helps to improve the protecti on level against new malware, to speed

up the product's response to new malware and minimize false positives. KSN is based on reputation of files and sites gath ered worldwide. New information about reputation becomes available to users much earlier than the general antivirus database updates. If You agree to use KSN service, then from your computer, in accordance with You r security settings, will be automatically sent to Kaspersky Lab ZAO (further KL ) request for the reputation of the object. Request consists of: * Information about version and type of the installed KL software; * Information about version of the installed operating system; * Information on any objects being checked: file digests (md5), URLs and their r eferrers with removed confidential information (login, password, parameters) and product decisions about checked objects; * Information on any objects suspected of being malware: size and creation time of files; information about digital signatures of files; internal ID of folder c ontaining object suspected of being malware; information about triggered signatu re; ID of triggered protection subsystem of KL software; and reasons for classif ying object as suspected of being malware. KL performs no collection, processing or storage of Your personal data. Using KS N service is optional. KSN service can be enabled or disabled at any time in the application settings window after you have installed the product on your comput er. To read the full text of this KSN Statement please click the Full KSN Agreement button.

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