Twitter for Language Learning

Conversational Learning

Twitter for language learning
• • • Conversational writing Connect students beyond class Unique & practical communication

What is Twitter?
• • • • Microblogging – blog posts the size of an SMS message Conversation tool Web and mobile access Frequent updates
– What am I doing? – What am I thinking?

Why is Twitter interesting?
• • • • Many students already use twitter Quick and simple to use Distinctive communication style Conversational writing

How can we use it for language learning?
I. II. III. IV. V. Following conversations Folllowing people Twittering in a community Twitterature Twitter conversations in class

I. Following conversations
• Students read public twitter conversations
– Reading different authors (twitterers) – Understanding flow of conversation

Learn twitter-language

II. Following People
• Students subsribe to twitter accounts
– Follow media organizations – Follow certain individuals

Receive regular updates on topic
– Convert L1 habit to L2 context

III. Twittering in a community
• Whole class converses using Twitter
– Updates on thoughts and activities – Sharing ideas for class assignments

Twitter as additional communication channel

IV. Twitterature
• Summarizing text
– Write tweet for each chapter in book – Focus on main event or theme

Writing Twitterature
– Collaborative „book“ writing

V. Twitter conversations
• Parrallel conversations in class
– Tweets appear on interactive whiteboard in classroom – Students comment on class activities

Public „note passing“ between students

Appropriate Pedagogies
• Task-based learning
– Unique & practical communication
• • Concise writing style Rapid responses

Dogme language teaching
– Twitter is conversation!
• • Conversation via Twitter Twitter as stimulus for conversation

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