Google Docs for Language Learning

Collaborative Learning

Google Docs for language learning
• • • • Collaborative writing projects Shared online workspace PLEs / ePortfolios Task-based learning

What is Google Docs?
• • • Online version of Microsoft Office Collaborative programs Based on wiki technology

Why is Google Docs interesting?
• • • Familiar interface Simple to use Collaborative program

How can we use it for language learning?
I. Collaborative writing II. Shared online workspace III. Personal Learning Environment

I. Collaborative Writing
• • • • Students jointly create documents Students can be in different locations Teacher can see each student‘s contribution Easily publish online

II. Shared online workspace
• • • Users simultaneously edit documents Students and teacher share workspace Use as online whiteboard
– Layout as with Microsoft Word

III. Personal Learning Environment
• • • Take notes online Copy, paste and embed content Combine...
– – – – Notebook Workbook Learning materials Portfolio of student work

Appropriate Pedagogies
• Task-based learning
– Activities can be researched, prepared and presented online

Dogme language teaching
– Students jointly create materials for student-centered lessons

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