Ms. Askey’s statement implies that I have acted inappropriately in my representation of Mr. Faria.

Her appeal to the Missouri Rules of Criminal Procedure and Professional Conduct would be more compelling if they were accurate. No rule categorically prevents Ms. Askey from commenting on this case. As she herself states, she is “normally more than willing to comment[.]” In fact, she felt free to comment about this matter, repeatedly, while it was pending and after the jury returned its verdict. It was only in the face of unfriendly questioning that she adopted a policy of discretion. Ms. Askey should be, but apparently is not, aware that Rule of Criminal Procedure 27.09, not 27.01, governs the confidentiality of jury lists and jury questionnaires. I can unequivocally state that I never disseminated either the names or personal detail of any juror and never violated that rule. The only mockery here is that, once again, Ms. Askey relies on inaccurate legal analysis and baseless and unsupported allegations.

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