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Name: __________________________________________ Due Date: _____________________ 3rd Quarter Common Assessment South Asia - I Can Statements 1.

I can explain the effects of monsoons on the people of India. Winter monsoons (dry and hot) blow from the Northeast bringing dry air across the country (Oct. May). Himalayas block cold air from reaching India. Doesnt penetrate far into the Afghanistan region because of the Himalaya Mountains. Summer monsoons (rainy and hot) picks up moisture from the Indian Ocean. It carries rains that drench the plains and river valleys daily. Farmers depend on these seasonal rains to grow crops. Can lead to flooding and landslides. 2. I can describe the effects that Aryan invaders had on Northern Indias soc iety. Aryans brought their language and the use of tools and weapons made from iron. Aryans also started a caste system. People had to stay in the same caste (class) as their parents and other group members. They couldnt get a better job or change their station in life. 3. I can describe the four main groups in the Caste System in the Hindu Society. Caste system puts people in order from the bottom of society to the top 1. Priests Highest Caste 2. Warriors 3. Farmers 4. Laborers- Lowest Caste were outcasts and considered untouchable 4. I can describe the important achievements of the Maurya Empire in India. Huge army to enforce laws and crush revolts, but after the violent battle they started Buddhism, which brought order and peace for the people of the empire.

5. I can identify the advances made during the Gupta Empire. The Gupta Empire made advances in science and mathematics. In 600, Gupta mathematicians developed decimals and numerals that were carried to Southwest Asia and Europe by traders. 6. I can describe the purpose of dividing the Indian subcontinent into two nations. The purpose of dividing the Indian subcontinent into two nations (India and Pakistan) was to separate people with different religious beliefs. India Hindus - Hinduism Pakistan Muslims - Islam 7. I can explain why India and Pakistan claim the region of Kashmir. This disputed area contains the Indus River, which both India and Pakistan need for irrigating their crops. India and Pakistan disagree on the borders of Kashmir.

8. I can explain the belief system of Buddhism. Awakened One- Buddha Buddhism Beliefs- Buddhists believe that life is suffering. The only way to cure human suffering is to give up selfish desires. Desires could never be satisfied. 9. I can explain the belief system of Hinduism. Founder - No single founder of the religion. Reincarnation - Belief in reincarnation - live well and you will be born back in higher position. Belief in many Gods and Goddesss but they believe in a single spirit. Holy Site - The Ganges River is a holy site Hindus will make a pilgrimage to. 10. I can explain identify the origin of Bangladesh and the issues the country faces. Bangladesh was created due to geographical, cultural, and economic differences between East (East Pakistan became Bangladesh) and West Pakistan. Flooding is common in the low lying river deltas. 11. I can describe the formation process of the Himalaya Mountains. The Indian Subcontinent was attached to Africa. It broke off about 40 million years ago and the Indian subcontinent collided with Asia. The pressure caused the ground to buckle up and create the Himalaya Mountains - highest mountains in the world. 12. I can name the two major South Asian rivers that originate in the Himalayas. Indus River and Ganges River are the two major rivers in South Asia. 13. I can name the natural resources of South Asia. Resources in South Asia are bamboo, fertile land, minerals, and water 14. I can explain how the farmers of Pakistan rely on the Indus River. Pakistanis on the Indus Plain have built thousands of canals and ditches to move water to their fields. This irrigates the land even in times of drought. 15. I can explain and understand the economy of the region and its global implications. Outsourcing of jobs to India is due to the low cost of labor. Indias economy is growing; many people are still subsistence farmers. Most of the countries industry is located on the Indus Plain, which is near sources of hydroelectric power. Pakistan is building for the future by improving their industries and modernizing agriculture.

16. I can explain, read, and understand a climate map and climate graph. Online Digital Lesson Activities. Did you practice online yet? Yes No

17. I understand the impact that Gandhis non-violent resistance had with Martin Luther King Jr.s non violent protest during the American Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. Martin Luther King Jr. visited India in 1959 and learned about Gandhis rules of non-violent protest. Gandhi had instructed his followers not to strike back against their enemies even in the most extreme circumstances. Kings use of non-violent protest during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s eventually led to support of African Americans having the same rights and privileges that whites had. The support translated into the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which outlawed discrimination against African Americans. 18. I understand Gandhis beliefs and his role in changing India. The Caste System was opposed by Gandhi. He believed in equal freedoms for everyone. He boycotted clothing made by the British until they gave up control and let India have its independence. 19. I understand after Gandhis assassination how his vision was affected. Hindus left Pakistan for India, while Muslims left India for Pakistan. Violence took place after Gandhi was assassinated between ethnic and religious communities. 20. I can understand the conflict in the Ukraine (Current Event) Conflict began in the Ukraine after heavy protesting took place over the issue of alignment with Russia or with the European Union. This has led to invasion of Russia into Crimea, a sovereign territory in the Ukraine.