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Google indexing and backlinks fast and easy, very lazy metod

Google indexing and backlinks fast and easy, very lazy metod

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Published by jastaruk
Google indexing and backlinks fast and easy, very lazy metod
Google indexing and backlinks fast and easy, very lazy metod

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Published by: jastaruk on Oct 18, 2009
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Lazy Method for Google indexing
Get indexed in Google really quick and get some backlinks at the same time. It's simple, just replace „yourdomain.com” with the name of your website, then copy and paste each link in your browser and in 10 minutes or less job is done. Here you get 10 links, check them and find out how this work. If you like it, I give you another 1000, (one thousand) links like them. And all them for FREE. CLICK HERE

Thats my 10 links:

1- http://www.websiteoutlook.com/www.yourdomain.com 2- http://www.statbrain.com/www.yourdomain.com 3- http://www.builtwith.com/?yourdomain.com 4- http://snapshot.compete.com/yourdomain.com 5- http://www.aboutus.org/yourdomain.com 6- http://www.quantcast.com/yourdomain.com 7- http://www.cubestat.com/www.yourdomain.com 8- http://whois.tools4noobs.com/info/yourdomain.com 9- http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/yourdomain.com 10- http://whois.domaintools.com/yourdomain.com

After your done, you get Google links like this:

Now Go and get 1000 links for FREE
http://googleindexing.tk/ 3

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