that work. But government can only do so much.

Tonight, I am
calling on religious, business and civic leaders to join together
in a·National Against Teen Pregnancy to make a
difference. 1 ,
\\ \ ·:
have to >the strongest massage possible to our teenagers:
'&on•t have • get pregnant, don't father a child if you
aren't married, if you aren't ready to raise that child, if you
aren't ready to love that child.
Responsibility is for everybody. And nothing has done more to
\ {·r,r I ·
undermine our sense of responsibility than failed welfare
- ti\\.t:fi
system. It rewards welfare over work. It to break
millions of parents get away without paying child
· support • (j.fl \\ ·

That is why I have worked so long to reform welfare. We have made
a good start. In the last two years; my administration has given
more states the chance to find their own ways to reform welfare
than the past two combined. Last year, I
introduced the most sweeping welfare reform plan ever presented
by an administration. \(ll,\ Mf tf ,, \ lfj
We have to make welfare what it was meant to be: a second chance,
not a way of life •. We' 11 help those on welfare. move to work· as
quickly as possible, provide child care and teach skills if they

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