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OMB STAI generation 2009/ 2010

OMB ( Orient New Student) what [is] recently executed by BEM ( STUDENT
EXECUTIVE BODY) [is] and also followed [by] all cama - cami amounting to more or
less 300 orang,klo counted [by] like Fiction FILM entitling 303 SPARTAN narrating
303 taft combatant struggle melawan emperor PERSIA REGIME which wish ironic
menaklukan whole world but 302 dead combatant only one safe and back to village
utilize to compile strength but this only just the just story.

But if in alias fact in this life possible the similar matter also can be happened, try
us you conceive or we just equalize all cama - cami with Combatant SPARTAN which
must deal with REGIME BEM which is [in] Leading by NN ( red) therewith Konco -
konconya. All cama - cami newly start to enter lecturing world have to deal with by
BEM owning full (of) rights in making regulation [of] about just OMB but not only
that, all cama - cami [is] also trussed with regulation which [is] [is] made by [by]
BEM. However all cama - cami [do] not as taft as all combatant SPARTAN
accustomed to scrapping and also giving battle like in story. However me also find
chance equality namely [is] of equal - [is] of equal have IRONIC chance [to]. My
Matter tell that way, because all cama - cami [in] making be black and blue by BEM
Cs. Even I feel chance [of] all cama - cami more grievous again, cause [of] all
combatant SPARTAN battle for melawan Persian Emperor courier which wish to take
tribute [of] while all cama - cami have to pay [for] first to follow OMB others they
also [release] money eat equal to RP 15.000 to distribute to eat three-day and [do]
not only that to go to just just STAI [is] they require to chat their sack;bag again, and every
day they even also have to buy need - need OMB which have been required by BEM. Try if
our us [count/calculate] how many money they which must [release] during OMB
Possible if just just money [is] which cleanse used up will not become so the money cause
problem can be searched but how if soul which just hilang,1000 forgiveness word will not
last for anti [it]. CORRECT worse luck chance [of] all cama - cami money have used up eh
oppositely;also the body which shatter.
Under this schedule OMB STAI [of] if paid attention to [by] a time which solid enough
even as sholat almost - almost may be spelled out members [by] [there] no