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Quanti Fiers

Quanti Fiers

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Published by: veracampina on Mar 14, 2014
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Very Much Many (frases ne ativas e interro ativas) ) *ot of *ots of Muito (intensidade) Muito !a Muitos ! as - com adjectivos - Com adverbios Ex: very quick Ex: very quickly

- com nomes que n"o Ex: & haven't ot t#em $lural much money (uncountables) - Com nomes no Ex: & haven(t ot %lural (contables) many friends - usam-se Ex: & have ot a $referencialmente lot of friends com countable nouns Ex: &(ve ot lots of money

Muito ! a Muitos !as

a Lot Of / Lots of usam-se em frases afirmativas de preferencia a much e many.

+) ,he is ------------ill. /) 0his is ------------- money 1) 0here aren(t ------------ irls in the $arty. 2) 0hey are s$eakin ------------- calmly. 3) 4e(ve ot -------------- e s. 5) 4e haven(t ot -------------- time. 6) &(ve ot ------------ 7ork to do. 8) ,he has ot a ---------- old car. 9) 0hey don(t s$eak ----------- En lish. +:) 4e s$eak En lish ------------- 7ell. ++) 0here isn(t ------------ traffic in to7n. +/) ;ave you ot ----------- $hoto ra$hs of your $en-friend< +1) Everythin (s ------------ ex$ensive in a bi city. +2) ;o7 ----------- free time have you ot< +3) =o you kno7 ----------- famous $eo$le< +5) ;e is a ----------- honest $erson. +6) 0he frid e is full. 4e(ve ot --------- food. +8) 0hey s$end ---------- money on the really im$ortant thin s. +9) ;e doesn(t like takin --------- medicine. /:) 0hey didn(t sell ----------- motor-cars last year.

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