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Price, items, cp,sp, profit,loss

1) Mark bought a set of 6 flower pots of different sizes at a total cost of 8. !. "ach pot cost #. ! more than the ne$t one below in size. %hat is the cost of the largest pot& ) 'he cost of deli(er) for an order of desk chairs was *1#.## for the first chair, and additional *1.## for each additional chair in order. +f an office manager placed and order for n desk, is n, -& 1) 'he deli(er) cost for the order totaled more than *3#.## ) 'he a(erage .arithmetic mean) deli(er) cost per chair of the n chairs was *1.36 3) /uan bought some paperback books that cost *8 each and some hardco(er books that cost * ! each. +f /uan bought more than 1# paperback books, how man) hardco(er books did he bu)& .1) 'he total cost of the hardco(er books that /uan bought was atleast *1!# . ) 'he total cost of all the books that /uan bought was less than * 6# -) 0enr) purchased 3 items during a sale. 0e recei(ed a # percent discount of the regular price of the most e$pensi(e item and a 1# percent discount off the regular price of the other items. %as the total amount of the 3 discounts greater than 1! percent of the sum of regular prices of the 3 items& 1) 'he regular price of the most e$pensi(e item was *!#, and the regular price of the ne$t most e$pensi(e item was * #. ) 'he regular price of the least e$pensi(e item was *1!