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VICs, back solving PS

1) To celebrate a colleague's retirement, the T coworkers in an office agreed to share equally the cost of a catered lunch. If the lunch costs a total of x dollars and S of the coworkers fail to ay their share, which of the following re resents the additional ammount, in dollars, that each of the remaining coworkers would ha!e to contribute so that the cost of the lunch is com letely aid" #) x$T %) x$T&S ') Sx$T&S () S)$T*T&S) +) x*T&S)$T ,) This year -enry will sa!e a certain amount of his income, and he will s end the rest. .ext year -enry will ha!e no income, but for each dollar that he sa!es this year, he will ha!e 1 / r dollars a!ailable to s end. In terms of r, what fraction of his income should -enry sa!e this year so that next year the amount he has a!ailable to s end will be equal to half the amount that he s ends this year" a) 1$*r/,) b) 1$*,r/s) c) 1$*0r/,) d) 1$*r/0) e) 1$*,r/0)