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The Outsiders

Extension Activities

1. If you were to write The Outsiders as a play, where would

you start and end each act and why? As a director, give a
few “stage directions” (directions for the set or characters)
for each scene. Then, choose one chapter from the book and
rewrite as a play.
2. Complete the Crossword Puzzle.
3. Complete the Juggle Letter Review Game.
4. Check out S.E. Hinton’s website
Make a list of interesting things you find. Look
over the information about her other books. Which
one sounds interesting to you? Check it out from
the library and begin reading it!
5. Go to , type in “Outsiders” and take one
(or more) of the interactive quizzes.
6. Pretend you are a lawyer on the Curtis brothers’ case (either
for or against). Prepare your closing argument (speech) to
the jury to sway them to your point of view.
7. Imagine that the Greasers hold several fundraisers to erect a
memorial in honor Johnny Cade's life. Decide where they
would place the memorial, and what it would look like.
Make a detailed sketch of the monument and include the
inscribed wording that would appear on it.