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8th Grade Core Name ______________

FDR Chapter 7: “The Most Complicated Man”

Instructions: Read FDR Chapter 7, then pick 10 questions out of the 18 below to answer on
a separate sheet of paper in complete sentences. Use the proper LREI heading, indicate which
question number you are answering, and use specific examples from the text!

1. Describe FDR’s conversation style.

2. Describe a typical day in the life of FDR during his time at the White House.

3. What did FDR’s critics refer to when they said he was “two-faced”?

4. Describe some of the techniques that FDR used to both gather information and gain support
for his point of view.

5. Why did some of those closest to FDR feel they didn’t really know him at all?

6. Explain the chapter’s title: “The Most Complicated Man.”

7. Describe Eleanor’s role in the White House and why she was considered ahead of her time
(and ahead of her husband).

8. Why didn’t Eleanor want to be First Lady? What do you think of how she went on to handle
this role? Use specific examples in your answer!

9. What did some of Eleanor’s critics say about her and her work?

10. What were some strides forward for women and African-Americans during FDR’s
presidency? Why, on the other hand, did FDR hold back from passing a pro-civil rights bill?

11. Why did FDR “declare war” on the Supreme Court? What was the result?

12. What was considered the “worst blunder” of FDR’s pre-war presidency? Why?

13. What right did the Wagner Act promise every worker? How did many companies respond?
What happened on Memorial Day 1937 and why was it significant?

14. What was FDR’s response to the labor unrest? How was his stance perceived by the public?

15. How did Americans feel about the New Deal overall in 1939?

16. What ended both unemployment and the Great Depression at the end of the decade?

17. Do you think it was appropriate for an American president to have a fun life and be full of
good humor, as FDR was? Why/why not?

18. In Chapter 7, Russell Freedman talks a lot about the way in which FDR communicated with
people and how he was so skilled at it. How were FDR’s language and style important to his