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Author Biography

William Gerald Golding was born in September of 1911 in the city

of Cornwall, England. Growing up in the life of luxury, Golding soon
realized that he was very talented at his school studies. He attended
both the prestigious colleges of Malboro and Oxford, studying both
natural science and English. Despite his father’s protests, Golding
eventually decided to devote his career to literature, where he became
one of the most famous English novelists ever. Soon World War II
started, compelling Golding to enlist in the Navy. It was war where
Golding lost the idea that men are inherently good. After witnessing
the evil of war, both from men of the enemy and his own side,
Golding lost the belief that humans have an innocent nature. Even
children he learned are inherently evil, thus foreshadowing his future
and most famous novel, Lord of the Flies. In later years, Golding
received many noteworthy awards for his contribution to English and
world literature. Finally in 1983, he was awarded the Nobel prize for
his literary merits. Golding’s other interests include Greek literature,
music and history. Yet William G. Golding will be remembered mostly
for his great contributions to modern literature.