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The Odyssey Pre-reading Written Response
The prompts below are mean to prepare your minds for our study of The Odyssey. On a
separate, lined sheet of paper, respond to the prompts in at least ONE PARAGRAPH using
complete sentences! This will be graded on completion. We will take some class time to
hear some responses from students who volunteer. Please be thoughtful and thorough—
and wow me with your ideas, insights, and vocabulary!!

#1. What are your strengths and weaknesses? Describe them (at least two strengths and
two weaknesses) and how they affect your life.

#2. Have you ever wanted to know what people said and thought about you when you
weren’t around? If you could disguise yourself in some way and be around the people
you know, how would you carry it out? Describe your ideal disguise and a scenario that
you imagine would take place if you could be “a fly on the wall.”

#3. Predict why you think a poem as old as The Odyssey might still be valuable today.

#4. Write about a journey you once took. What makes it memorable? Be descriptive and include any exciting
or frustrating parts of your adventure.

#5. What does the term “hero” mean to you?

#6. Name a hero in your life and describe why you consider that person your hero. Consider your answer to #5
when responding to this prompt.

#7. Describe the qualities of a good leader and role model. Do you know anyone who fits this description? If
so, who? If not, why not?

#8. Describe at least 4 obstacles that people today have to try to overcome. How might people conquer these
trials or complications?

#9. Describe an obstacle or complication you have faced. Have you conquered it yet? How? If not, what is
keeping you from overcoming this obstacle?

#10. Write about your thoughts on the importance or value of family and home. Think specifically about the
roles, responsibilities, and struggles of parents and children.