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@ 1991 The Walerways Project of Ten Penny Players, Inc.

Supporllonhe Walerways Project is provided by Unfted Activ~ies Unllmiled, NYC Departmenl of Youth Services, Ihe New York Siale Counc~ on Ihe Ms, lha Office or AHemalive H~h Schools and Programs, and Con Edison.

Dona Taylor 3 - 5
Red 6
Dee 7
I' I
Charlotte W. Riley 8 - 11
Vinny 12
Linda Diaz 13 - 15
Delmeter Carey 16 - 19
I' Resa 20,22
Sharisa 21,23 - 24
T. Love 25 - 26,27 - 28
Thomas Perry 26, 27 [I




Dona Taylor

The way that I heard about the Creative Writing course 'was by my sister Linda. I saw that she was writing a lot. So I came to the class once or twice to start with. Then all of a sudden it had become very interesting to me. Now all I do is write. Instead of wasting my time doing nothing I

come to creative writing twice a week. '


Dona Taylor


Why do you hi! me? Why do you yen at me?

I'm only doing what I'm told. If I do this or that

I'm always getting hit.

Well, that's all going to stop right now. lm a human, not a punching bag. We're supposed to love each other not hale each other.

I try my best to keep you happy. When you come home it's always a clean home.

Also I always have your dinner ready. You have two lovely children

what else do you want

But does that seem to satisfy you? No! Nothing I do makes you happy.

I'm so tired

I don't know what to do anymore.

I'm tired Df youll This all has to stop, I wish i! didn't have to end this way ...



· \

Dona Taylor

What is fear? Fear is e~erything To little children.

Fear can be darkness.

To adults fear can be losing

a family member or a close friend.

To me fear is UFE.

Fear can also be not getting the job you wanted.

Fear can getthe best of you.

Don't let it.

Just take life as it comes

And you will never fear anything again.

FERRY Dona Taylor

1\'s early monday morning Time to board the ferry People rushing to work Some run

Some take their time

Some push

Some push back Don't push me

Or t'll push you back Just sit back and relax We will all try to get To work on time.


.. !- ,.;. .• , .• c_ !."


Dona Taylor

Why do grown adults act like children? If you see me

doing a special project for someone and another attorney

asks you to give me some work I'll just tell you

that I'm not supposed to stop what I'm doing.

Don't just leave it on my desk because you'll just get yourself in trouble.

Just because

you're the Assistant Supervisor doesn't give you

the right to give me

all the work.

All you have to do

is give it to someone else or • Do It Yourself!

That's why you got yelled at, but it wasn't my fault.

Stop listening to others

and think for yourself.

Also that's the reason

why we aren't speaking today. Let's all grow up and act our age.

We all have to. be here five days a week. Let's make the best of it

until we find something better.





He's tall and light skinned And very good looking

We argue, curse, and fight But he's always there when 1 need him.

L isn't like any other man

He's different

Why you ask?

Because he's 'My Guy' n's good to have a good man by your side

Because when you are feeling down He's always there \0 make you laugh When l'm with L, 1 always

feet safe and secure

When he's not with me in person

He's always in my heart

To bring it all together

He's 'My Guy'

And we'll be together to the end





This is what I'm thinking about while listening to Miles Davis:

Why is there so much hatred in the world today?

Why do people kill other people? 'All people are equal:

Let all racial rials stop

People shouldn't fight other people Children' shouldn't get

their faces spray painted white, just because they're black

Men shouldn't rape little girls Women shouldn't rape little boys We should all come together

to make peace

let's all keep

Dr, King's dream alive.


GROWING OLD Charlotte W. Riley

A little more tired at the end of the day

A little less anxious to have your way

No more will you scold and blame Sometimes you forget some of the names And as we draw near to the journey's end Where time and eternity meet and blend

You care no more for silver or gold

You care now for the days of old

A broader view and saner mind

A little more love for all mankind. Farther and farther we go down the way And pray we will go to better days.

You envy the friends that still have youth You cherish honesty and truth

More time to sit and dream

A lillie mote real the things seem

You get closer and closer to those ahead Visions of those long loved and dead

And so we are going where all must go Where the rest of the living may never know

Not much more laughter and a few more tears We wished to have lived the last few years With all the ones we loves the most

To eat, drink, maybe even toast

Lif~'s joys sorrows and good times too. But there is nothing else to do.

For I can't look back, only ahead It'stoo late cause I'm already dead.




Charlotte W. Riley

I'm one of the shorter people in the world

I could be a lillie boyar girl

Sometimes I may laugh or even cry

Just try to understand and learn the reason why Alii want is a hug or kiss

Instead you respond with a fist

You may even call me a stupid child I still love you all the while

All of these words told to me

I often wonder how true they can be

I didn't mean to drop that glass yesterday You didn't care you slapped me anyway After a while the hils become routine Why do you have to be so mean

I often try to disappear

To a place I'll be loved without fear

Then you yell my name, and I come back Always with a punch or slap

I see the other kids laughing happily At home I cry miserably

Someday, I hope this will change You will call me by name

Or even smile and play games with me Sit down and talk drinking tea

These thoughts soon fade fast

I wonder when will the pain pass

Now instead of every month you hit me every week

I do not move or even speak '

Cause if I do you'll make me pay

Hit me harder every day

I wish you could understand

That you have me in the palm of your hand



All I want is your love and time Don't be mean just be kind Nobody knows only me and you

How you hate me through and through All this hale no love senseless

For a liIt1e child defenseless


(A dedication to my mother Chatyene Riley) Charlotte H. Riley

You gave birth to me and gave me life If I was blind you would be my sight

I disobey which is not fair

You're always there to love and care You stick by me through thick and thin Always there my very best friend

You yell and scream to make a change But I know you love me the same

You tell me always to give it my all

I know you would catch me if I would fall The way you love me is oh so rare Always having time to share

When I am hurt and will not speak

You hold out your hand for me to reach Whenever you smile you light up a room When I am sad you change my mood You notice things in me that I don't see But most of all you love me for me There are so many reasons to love you Just because of the little things you do,

I am glad I Have no other

Than you Chatyene Riley, my beautiful mother.


DON'T GO Charlotte W. Riley

I remember the time we shared together I thought we would last forever

Our love was ooh so very strong

In your life is where I belong

When we talked the words were sweet To look at your face was such a treat Only you are meant for me

Together, always I know we should be I've made mistakes that I regret

Can you find it in your heart to forgive me yet I wish I could turn back the hands of time Then once again you'd be all mine

With the good ther~ were bad times too

But your special ways always shined through The way you touch me makes me feel so right We could make love all night

I miss and love you so much

I crave to feel your gentle touch As the tears roll down my face

I try so hard to erase

All the pain and guilll made you feel Through it all I love you still

You said you need time to take it slow All I ask you is please don't go!l

t I r





Kids having kids with no education 'What is the world coming to

To be a parent depends on you

We have to try to raise them good so They can grow up to be as they can We try real hard to keep them straight

But sometimes they just make too many mistakes.






A man's heart beats for love A girl's life is used

A baby cries out for milk The rend is due

The street lights go out "

Blackness overthrows lightness

A man coming home

From a hard day of work

Looking for something to eat Trying to stretch a dollar Problems we face today.

I ;


MUSIC IN THE DARK- Mi~es Davis Linda Diaz

Sorrow in the wind. Looking for a way out. Comforting a friend in times of need. Tears running down a child's face. Screams in the night.

Happiness found within.

Peace and joy throughout the land. Mellow sounds.

Love in the air.

The world coming to be as one. Children playing. Alone in the spot light. Death our worst enemy.

A new life just into the world. What ajoy it is·to be alive.


• f




Linda Diaz

What is a man? What makes aman?

Most people think

a man has to be big and strong, BWrong,N

Most women, people think, a man has to be

rough or have lots of muscles. ·Wrong again:

A true man is gentle. kind. understanding. A man treats women as equals

not just sex objects.

A man believes a woman can stand beside him not behind him.

A man respects a woman for herself and for her mind.

Yea! Thats a true man.

That's the man for me.


Linda Diaz


Back in the year 1957

women were made to stay home,

Women were meant to be seen and not heard. Not any more.

The women of today are Independent.

. Women have gained their independence.

Women have fought hard to be equals. Today's women can do for themselves. . We don't need those demanding men. We are loday's women

The Independent Woman.



Linda Diaz

What is racism?

Why do we have racism?

Racism is fear. The fear of one race. Nolliking a person because of

the color of their skin.

Racism has been going on for so long We are taught racism.

People for years have died because they don't have the right skin color

If people just took the time

to get to know and understand each other maybe there wouldn't be 50 much racism in the world today

If you believe in racism

remember and think of your enemy

as a person who may someday be your friend You might need them

to save your life someday.


I. .1



Delmeter Carey

When you're around I feel so free, but only when there is you and me

Reminiscences of that special love that w.e share and keeping that love flaring

To be able to know just that you care To see your face day in and day out

I •

To know that without any doubt . you're the best by far

because you're my heart


five minutes of thoughts Delmeter Carey

Sounds of blackness Be optimistic

Black and white

Fight the powers that be To legit

To quiet

Can't trust it

Affairs of the heart Unexpected life







Delmeter Carey

The fear and dismay of crime, hatred that we face day after day watching the news,

reading a newspaper

, I


Seeing our babies crying OUT children dying

The ugliness that we portray to one another I

There's not enough time before life passes by

I beg of you come together as one Because what goes around comes around

Think of our children and their children

for they shall be our future.

.J I


I , I



I '


Trying to find, trying to find

the answer to unsolved solutions

, A remembrance running through my mind looking Jar an answer that is in front of me And somehow still trying to solve

Every problem that occurs

Rushing, rushing. always rushing -

but getting nowhere looking for tomorrow

Still knowing today has not gone Searching for my baby,

Praying that he'll find me

Falling off the edge,

Coming to an end.

Yet time stands still

looking for my baby.

Temptation shall set me free. Feeling of anger no longer in me Salvation. a day of rest.

Still praying that my baby

Will find me

Before destiny sets me free.:, i



I '

I r
(1· 18

Delmeter Carey

You are you and I am me, but Through the years as we grow, I see so much of me in you and Much of you is in me.

. :f


'j -

. ~ .o.l'!

Everyday, I thank God for you, Always knowing that you're Near and never far, knowing That You'll understand and

That you're always there to lend a hand.

.p .'


You mean so much more to me Than you'll ever know

, ·1,


, ..

To play with your daughter (my niece) and

Being able to see her grow





Like seeing your big smile, Snacking on your cooking or Munching on those Hershey Kisses of yours

Or when we're talking

For hours on the telephone

Just knowing that neither one of us Will ever be alone.

As long as I have you and You have me.

I ,

l, I

, ,


\ I. r


i '







Damp and dank slreet corner crying sister

On the stoop. hint of a Yo or two already downed, Head hanging down, heart broken, kids crying

Her kids crying, running all around the place. Why, Why, why, did he leave?

She gets up, head spinning. Goes to the spot Smoke filled. Alcoholic incensed air.

Slow dancing up a storm

Letting them pet her, touch her arm

Feel her hair, kiss her face, stroke her legs Whoa! Too high. Walch that asshole.

Self dignity. Where are you when needed? Making sex, making love, make sex, how Can you separate. Do you need to separate The two? Yes, so don't confuse them.

Early morning now, rainin' outside. Yo! Move over, better yet, get up and 'get out! Can't

'have you ruining my mourning routine. Go home to your life.

Now, time for AM Afternoon Drama. Cussin' and fighting in the streets and in her mind. Nothing new on that score. What to be downhearted

about now. So much to choose from: kids taken away, no money, no food, no man, no love, no me,

no real life.

sick·n·tired of being sick-n-tired

Look in ihe mirror at the windows of the soul nothing really wrong with her, just tired. Need something new to do, to think about. Get a life.

t, f:

! {


I:' i,

\ I






She enters my world of serenity

Her presence caused my mind total chaos Her thoughts of pure hatred and murder Are traveling at 150 miles an hour, But she Is traveling at only 5 miles per hour.

Tears sting her kaleidoscope hazel eyes, but Dare not roll on to her cheeks.

Why does he do this every time, all the

Time to me? Excuse my language (f--k him I) You know whal I learned Mommy?

You can't make a Fatherman into a Daddyman.

I know that's how it is on T.V.

Even though the daddy says he hates his Kids, he rally loves them. You told me

He wasn't gonna do it. You never lied About him, but he said he would. No Strings attached. Damn him.

I still want him to love me ... Mommy

- I


F· A· T· HE-

, R-

, , ,I



Flies in and out the door Away from home so much Together we never are

Hate and despair for me (your child) in your eyes Either time or space can change it

Reversal of love is easy for you to do

o - Does all he can for me

A- Always there with helping hands

o - Delivers all unspoken promises

D - Doesn't let me down

V - You're my daddy





At first I thought it was for kids

They were running around the stage

Laurie is the dance instructor. It's her first day here One boy Tabiez won't take off his coat

He is learning to do the Chinese Staircase pattern This is all happening at acting class

• I

I think acting will be fun to do

I'm learning a new life from these kids Chinese Staircase is not hard to do They're on stage learning a new dance Tabiez is gone where is he?

Laurie forgot a step, do over, do over.

--- \

-- ,

Laurie is very patient with us

We'll do acting later, after dancing. Tabiez is back. Different coat, now off These kids are so cute

They take easily to the stage

My handiwork of the Chinese Staircase is cooking

I learned how to switch colors in the Chinese Staircase pattern and Laurie is learning a new dance Everyone is on the stage showing Her different steps. Soon we were Doing impromptu acting scenes

The kids are excellent at this exercise

Tabiez was exceptionally clever in the parts he played


Tabiez has seemed to take a shine to my personality. He keeps checking on my progress

with the Chinese Staircase pattern.

He gives me encouragements.

All the kids think I must be real cool to have as a mother. I feel that way about the dance instructor laurie

She is real cool in a culie way. 80lh of the teachers

help to make acting less frightening when you are on the stage

Maybe the stage is my second calling.

It would be funny if a few years from now

Tabiez and I starred together in a Broadway play Acting can help you overcome many obstacles

in your personal communication skills.

I'm getting real tired of doing the Chinese Staircase Pattern. Laurie says she will try to come up with

more dance routines for the spring show All the ki~s will get to do a special dance of their own.




We need kids on stage to bridge the gaps Laurie bridged the gap with Tabiez, ' Tabiaz bridged the gap with teaching me the

Chinese Staircase Pattern while acting on stage .




T Love

1 do not know what is going on

1 feel like the whole world is against me, And I don't know why,

I have been in a very f···ed up mood as of late I Because nothing seems to work for me ' It's a damn shame because

I want to make things better

not worse.

1 had an accident coming to school Because of someone else's carelessness lm so upset

My friends tell me try to relax, but can I? I do not know.

What's gonna happen next Only time will tell.

My relationship with my girl is starting to get better.

But if she slips I "

It will end

I ,

, , ,

, -'


, ,


I wonder what my problem is Maybe I need help

Maybe 1 need a girl

Or maybe I should go away and not ever come back I want to know.

I really wonder ,

I wonder what's going to happen to me in the future I'm hoping things will be different in the future


But what should I do?

Well. maybe I should just kick it back into low gear, Or maybe I should just start at the beginning .

.: long Island as far as I am concerned is the place for me.

It's quiet, It's far,

And it's home.

Now J know what to think of when I want to take a vacation. Still thinking of life

And time as we move on

Are we working to make things better?

FEELING BAD Thomas Perry




I've been thinking about all the pressure I have There have been many things causing me problems, Some I cannot even explain,

last week on Friday I wanted to go out

I needed forty dollars, but I only had twenty.

I was so upset I went to Brooklyn to see if my father had it. He didn't. Then I called my friend to see what was going on. She was working.

We're supposed to hang out Thursday, But the way I feel,

I don't care if we do or don't.

Saturday I got up and I watched television all morning It was a combo of cartoons, Soul Train and wrestling. I was feeling a little better

At noon my mom and pops took me shopf1ing

She got shoes. He got sneakers and I got some tapes

Two of them took a tong time to get. M.L. !)ly and the Ghetto Boys. Sunday I stayed home.

Yesterday I went to the Bronx to try and firld my friend.


She wasn't home so I wasted a trip. Today, I had some problems in the city. That's why I missed the afternoon class.

I hope Kim doesn't fink on me

My mother and I had an argument over money, and bad words were said to each other

I feel just as bad as she does

It was dark when the lights went out in class And I feel worse

K,im started laughing 'cause Demitrius walked in

Imagine if I came down the han and saw linda keeping time And I told her she had snookered on someone in the dark. They would have a heart attack.


One more point ' I

When Demitrius walked in he called me the total package ... well in my own way

that's what I am

I have my own definition of the word -

total means I depend totally on my own self I cannot depend totally on anyone else

I depend on my parents and my soon-so girl But are they always around when needed? No I totally depend on one person and that's me. The word package is simple.

I'm a package all wrapped up into my self.

I totally depend on one person and that's me.


T Love

What is a friend?

To be dissing you? No.

Loyal, and caring. A friend is some one Who will like you for who you are



I ,

• , I




11illl: . Not what you are

. I

I. \, Not for what you drive

I,ll Not how you live

II.. What you wear- that doesn't matter

I : You don't need gold. money, rags-n-riches

You need your self respect

I ' You need to respect others

A friend is someone you can pal around with Joke around with

A friendship is something that should be life long Not life dissing " I

. That's not a friendship

I have had that kind of experience with people They say they are my friends

but are they?

I don't think so

You should give people a chance And judge from the inside,

Not the outside

You shouldn't test people to see how they are That's not friendship

A friendship is very delicate

Just as even more important- a relationship Between a girl-n-guy

That should always be long lasting Love and friendship are very delicate If you ruin it or destroy it

It won't come back

You'll feel messed up

As Ice T would say

'You played yourself