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Common Core Mathematics Vocabulary Terms

Count Ones Tens Forward Zero Greater than Less than Equal Addition Subtraction Length Weight More Less Taller Shorter Longer Larger Smaller Sort Above Below Beside In front of Behind Next to Square Circle Triangle Rectangle Flat shape Solid shape Corners Sides Penny? Dime?

First Grade
Addition Subtraction Sum Difference Group Counting On Making ten Doubles Combinations Equal sign True False Unknown Digits Two-digit number Greater than sign Less than sign Mental math Unit Centimeter Inch Hours Half hour Minutes Digital Clock Trapezoid Half-circle Quarter-circle Cube Right rectangular prism Cone Cylinder Half Fourth Quarter (fraction) Nickel?

Second Grade
Addition facts Hundreds Skip count Expanded form Standards form Number names Value Ruler Yardstick Meterstick Measuring tape Foot Yard Meter Number line A.M. P.M. Dollar Quarter (coin) Half Dollar (coin) Cents Line plot Picture graph Bar graph Angles Faces Quadrilaterals Pentagon Hexagon Rows Columns Thirds Halves

Common Core Mathematics Vocabulary Terms

Third Grade
Multiply Product Divide Quotient Remainder Array Unknown Equal shares Factor Variable Pattern Even Odd Round Unit fraction Equivalent Whole number Fraction bar Numerator Denominator Elapsed time Open number line Gram Kilogram Liter Scale (of graph) Unit square Area Perimeter Rhombus Quadrilaterals Formula

Fourth Grade
Estimation Factor pairs Multiples Prime Composite Sequence Area model Equation Equivalent fractions Mixed number Improper fraction Decimal Hundredths Tenths Pound Ounce Conversion Table Line plot Angle Ray Endpoint Degrees Protractor Points Lines Line segments Right angle Acute angle Obtuse angle Perpendicular lines Parallel lines Right triangle Line of symmetry

Fifth Grade
Parentheses Brackets Braces Numerical expression Evaluate Ordered pairs Coordinate plane Powers of 10 Decimal point Thousandths Volume Origin x-coordinate y-coordinate x-axis y-axis formula

Common Core Mathematics Vocabulary Terms

Sixth Grade
Ratio Unit rate Tape diagram Double number line diagram Percent Greatest Common Factor Least Common Multiple Distributive Property Integer Positive Number Negative Number Opposite Zero pair Absolute value Inequality Exponents Term Coefficient Order of operations Substitution Dependent variable Independent variable Nets Median Mode Range Mean Dot plot Histogram Box plot Interquartile range Mean absolute deviation

Seventh Grade
Proportion Simple Interest Tax Markup Markdown Percent of increase Percent of decrease Gratuities Commissions Percent error Additive inverse Multiplicative inverse Scale drawing Plane sections Circumference Supplementary angles Complementary angles Vertical angles Adjacent angles Surface area Sample population Random sampling Variability Probability Frequency Simple event Compound events Tree diagram Simulation

Eighth Grade
Terminating decimal Repeating decimal Irrational number Integer exponent Square root Cube root Radical Scientific notation Slope y-intercept slope-intercept form linear equation like terms simultaneous linear equations function input output non-linear functions rate of change rotation Reflection Translation Congruent Dilation Similar figures Transversal Corresponding angles Interior Exterior Pythagorean theorem Cone volume formula Cylinder volume formula Sphere volume formula Scatter plot Outlier Positive association Negative association Line of best fit Bivariate measurement data

Common Core Mathematics Vocabulary Terms

High School Number and Quantity
Rational exponent Complex number Conjugate Moduli Imaginary number Real number Rectangular form Polar form Quadratic equation Polynomial Fundamental theorem of Algebra Vector Initial point Terminal point Velocity Parallelogram rule Scalar multiplication Matrices Zero matrix Identity matrix Determinant

High School Algebra

Complete the square Maximum Minimum Exponential function Geometric series Remainder Theorem Binomial Theorem Pascals Triangle Logarithmic Function Domain Range Function notation Fibonacci sequence Recursive process Intercepts Increasing intervals Decreasing intervals Positive intervals Negative intervals Relative maximum Relative minimum Symmetries End behavior Periodicity Rate of change Step function Absolute value function Asymptote

High School Functions

Exponential function Logarithmic function Trigonometric function Period Midline Amplitude Exponential growth Exponential decay Constant function Arithmetic sequence Geometric sequence Invertible function Radian measure Arc Sine Cosine Tangent

Common Core Mathematics Vocabulary Terms

High School Geometry
Angle Circle Perpendicular lines Parallel lines Line segments Point Line Arc Rigid motion Congruent Angle-Side-Angle (ASA) Side-Angle-Side (ASA) Side-Side-Side (SSS) Inscribed Scale factor Dilation AA similarity Theorem Law of Sines Law of Cosines Angle Circle Perpendicular lines Parallel lines Line segments Point Line Arc Rigid motion Congruent Angle-Side-Angle (ASA) Side-Angle-Side (ASA) Side-Side-Side (SSS) Inscribed Scale factor Dilation AA similarity Theorem Law of Sines Law of Cosines

High School Statistics and Probability

Dot plot Histogram Box plot Interquartile range Standard deviation Outlier Frequency table Relative frequency Joint relative frequency Marginal relative frequency Conditional relative frequency Residuals Correlation Causation Correlation coefficient Sample survey Experiment Observational studies Margin of effort Simulation models Subsets Unions Intersections Complements Independent Conditional probability 2-way frequency table Addition Rule Multiplication Rule Permutations Combinations Theoretical probability