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Julia Landon College Preparatory and Leadership Development School

Teacher Daily Lesson Plan

Teacher: Cormier (6/7/8) E.L.A. Grade 6 Date: 9/2/2009

Standard: Effectively uses the reading process

Standard: Effectively uses reading process
Cross Curricular Standard: If Applicable
Leadership Standard: Completes activities

Objective (teaching point): Scholastic Reading Inventory

Recall: Recall of a fact, information, or procedure

Basic Application: Use of information, conceptual knowledge, procedure, two or more steps
Strategic Thinking: Requires reasoning developing a plan or sequence of steps; has some complexity; more
Rigor Level: than one possible answer; generally takes less than 10-minutes to do
(Webb’s DOK) Extended Thinking: Requires an investigation; time to think and process multiple conditions of the problem
or task; and more than 10-minutes to do non-routine manipulations

Resources: The Read 180 Computers and Software, all other students that are not being tested will need an
independent reading book and corresponding assignment.

Opening (Bell Ringer):Instructions for Scholastic Reading Inventory

Mini-lesson: Movement to the Apporpriate area.

Work Period
Teacher Responsibilities Student Responsibilities
I will be montioring both the students who are taking Students should show the ability to pay attention and
the assessment and those who are not to ensure that follow directions.
students reamin on task throuhgout the testing process.
Students should show the ability to use their student
passwords in order to access the test.

Students should also show the ability to work

independently with a reading assignment and wait to
be tested.

Participate in a Mini-lesson review

Groups will report on their work
Individuals will share work
Write summaries or produce notes
Closing: To end this lesson the student will: Complete exit slips

Homework/Next Step for Students: Students who did not test today should prepare for testing tomorrow.
Leadership Theme All students should complete the SRI testing in an organized manner, and do their
best so that we can attain proper results for grouping.
In this Lesson: