Spiritual cause of sexual dysfunction – THAT GUILT FROM THE LIE THAT SE IS E!

IL If you "ant a yardstic# "it$ "$ic$ to %ud&e "$et$er a t$in& is &ood for t$e $u'an race or not( as# yourself a si'ple )uestion* +$at "ould $appen if e,eryone did itT$is is a ,ery easy 'easure( and a ,ery accurate one. If e,eryone did a t$in&( and t$e result "as of ulti'ate /enefit to t$e $u'an race( t$en t$at is 0e,ol,ed.1 If e,eryone did it and it /rou&$t disaster to t$e $u'an race( t$en t$at is not a ,ery 0ele,ated1 t$in& to reco''end. 2o you a&ree32+* Of course. GO2* T$en you4,e %ust a&reed t$at no real 'aster "ill e,er say t$at sexual celi/acy is t$e pat$ to 'astery. 5et it is t$is idea t$at sexual a/stinence is so'e$o" t$e 0$i&$er "ay(1 and t$at sexual expression is a 0lo"er desire(1 t$at $as s$a'ed t$e sexual experience( and caused all 'anner of &uilt and dysfunction to de,elop around it.
Source* 6on,ersations "it$ God( /oo# 7 3eale 2onald +alsc$

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