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Story to Reflect Upon 151, 152

Story to Reflect Upon 151, 152

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Published by Bro. Oh Teik Bin
There is much one can learn from a moral story.
The LIFE Lesson helps one to grow spiritually.
There is much one can learn from a moral story.
The LIFE Lesson helps one to grow spiritually.

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Published by: Bro. Oh Teik Bin on Mar 16, 2014
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Story To Reflect Upon 151

Seven Wonders of the World
A teacher once asked her class of 8-year old children to list down what they think are the present Seven Wonders Of The World. After so e ti e the teacher collected the papers. There were so e si ilarities as well as areas of disa!ree ent. She went thro"!h the lists and fo"nd that the ost pop"lar ones were# $ The %reat Wall Of &hina $ The Ta' (ahal $ The )yra ids of *!ypt $ The %rand &anyon $ The *iffel Tower $ The Stat"e of +i,erty $ The -ia!ara .alls The teacher then noticed that one !irl had not passed "p her list. She appeared to ,e still thinkin!. The teacher approached her and asked/ 0Sweetie/ haven1t yo" decided on the Seven Wonders Of The World23 The !irl said/ 0Teacher/ there are so any and it1s diffic"lt to decide.3 0-ever ind/3 the teacher said. 0Tell "s. )erhaps we can help.3 The !irl hesitated and then said/ 04 think the Seven Wonders Of The World are# $ To See $ To 5ear $ To S ell $ To Taste $ To To"ch $ To Think $ To +ove The teacher and the whole class were a a6ed at the profo"nd answers of the !irl.

* We take for granted many ‘ordinary’ things which are truly wondrous. * There are many things which truly important and matter the most in life – love, kindness, compassion, wisdom and understand. These can be developed through the proper use of our senses and mind.

Story To Reflect Upon 157
8a! Of &ookies
A wo an ,o"!ht a ,ook and a ,a! of cookies fro an airport shop. She fo"nd a place to sit while waitin! for her fli!ht which was a co"ple of ho"rs d"e. Sittin! ne9t to her was a iddle-a!ed an / a stran!er. She started to read the ,ook. As she read her ,ook/ she dipped her hand inside the ,a! of cookies placed ,etween her and the stran!er. She started to "nch one ,y one at each cookie and at the sa e ti e was en!rossed at the ,ook. :espite the fact that she was at her ,ook/ so ehow/ she knew that each ti e she took o"t a cookie fro the cookie ,a!/ the stran!er also !ra,,ed one to "nch. 0This is too "ch/3 she tho"!ht to herself. 0The stran!er is stealin! fro y cookie ,a!.3 5owever she chose to i!nore the atter even tho"!h she co"ld feel her an!er and irritation risin!. This went on "ntil only one cookie was left in the ,a!. 0-ow let1s see what he1d do/3 the wo an tho"!ht f"rio"sly. The stran!er took o"t the last cookie/ ,roke it into two and offered one half to the wo an. She snatched the half cookie with an!er a o"ntin! at what she considered the hei!ht of r"deness on the part of the stran!er. Soon it was ti e for her to ,oard the plane. She arched off witho"t lookin! at the thievin! in!rate. When she ,oarded the plane and took her seat/ she/ to her !reat shock/ fo"nd that her cookie ,a! was in her hand l"!!a!e. Only then did she reali6e/ the cookies she had ,een eatin! were act"ally fro the cookie ,a! ,elon!in! to the stran!er who had ,een so kind to share the with her. She had indlessly p"t her own cookie ,a! into her hand l"!!a!e. 4t was too late for her to apolo!i6e to the stran!er. She was the r"de one/ the in!rate/ the thief.
Reflection * ometimes we react in ill will and anger to a happening thinking it is due to the wrong of another. !ater we reali"e that the mistake is ours. * The trained mind takes things calmly and does not react negatively. #t investigates and resolves any ‘conflict’ peacefully.

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