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needed. OMi can . when dirt aceumulateson a vessel. So also.244 Children of tender ase do not want to team' to read a. they will have to be persuaded toleam. In order to fight a match.. Con . RUbbi1l8 it and polis~ just once WitlDot make it clean. Look. to begiD with.• 'Dot be sure at what· instant fire will blaze forth .nd ~ite' beeause they prefer to play.• stant practiee' is. friction is necessary. By sustained practice SUCCtlS. -one bas to repeat the Name forcibly. . it has to be serubbe4 to become shiny. . If little boys and girls 'are to be taught reading· and writing. With the repetition of the Name' it is also similar.

_kBowledge of Reality...YOU'.e gOOdrC8ult YOJ. repl~ .Otin~rest.p~taJ •.whi~rcJU~g 'widtr*'famil" aotaccording·toyour:Outu's... your diet" and .SAY.person •.()!:. .~~medicil1e. Who evulikos to take injections? 'Yet they are~DCfteial •• Which ehjldenjoys -. 24S JA'A. to.ancducated. ~gJJ1aw. There.•.ine~ac~ at .assist~nceofone~s parents geL C. 'l.' _Je1y·U\iUisName •.youl" intm"city to~~ntl'~tc'on 9qd'~ NaID.!-:js' al80His pace •. . w.ifyoucan acquire BNh~::.tile "d9ctor. .~·ta~.{C ' aware ·of. iseoneerned that 1'hi~>.acborso1ichbecomes . everything" serves a PUil»OlO~SupPo&e.. MS.' . What is supreme wealth? None but God Himself.other times do~ not. Dy·. TWQ .atKmpt. iBttuctioasttnd 'livo. _ at.y . .AlJthe same. while r'CUl&inUJgathome. prescribedb. YOIlfi1lness CU(cd.d$e..Or use t~ doctol" >futile. get rid of your 4ilease •.also you· may Become wedded to the yoga of practice.a ' reaulattd life'.fIL' No. take. Th"tisto eitherreno~everything and s~k '~f~.• studying.. .youaretravellmg $OJDe- ' lhu Hliltdred Blghty.1 will imPl'9}!'e.vcSl~t_dt~Apin. there is "ope ofii:coverina supreme wealth.tiQl48..eleaniing . O~'s ~~IJl~ _81'iably bears ~ikl'hisjs whyitjs~Wt .GP4's>N~~' is> not likQworldlYnlOd~.miD:g·totead.getyourself admitt04 into t~.. the Name as a medicjn~~' Thi$aI~()Wil\hilv.11. EVenthougl!1 D. d~t .a.30.MATR! VANI witl be accomplished. 246 \ The f&tit that '.

-obey. here and." the N&me with constancy. you wi11 In otdert(F catdt t1Je1AM boat from your vitla.mind does not obey me. eanotsay that the. yet they areliiDited by the length of the ming to which they are tied.~ oCa11'iage ~t·_ • the help of a stick and . Just try to keep the kite of your mind tied to the string of a divine Name. Keep the mind tied by the string of God' Name. . By whatever Name yoo ma." Have you never watched ~hi1dren tlyingkites? How very high· tko kiles.understalld that everything' you . verywe1I.aiJn is a jOllt1'lOybyttaiD.· 00.i Although your·.get into a borso. you effort will be crowned with success. The main thing is to c1in~ to .i thatwiU take you to1Ae statioiJ. flrst go by· there ? Rathet reflect in this.MATR'IVANI JAPA upset I where by' when YOuf and so forth are" of no use. The kite can be compared to the mind and sense Gbjects to air. stick. order to realize God is helpful. boat.e :. DlaDnor: "The Dacca. If it is jlxed in this manner your' thinking will SOUle One Hundred Eighty FiM . . repeat the Lord's' Name. then descend from·'. thellliad either. Nothing at aU is ~hould.y invoke Him. some day or -other it wiR become still. rise' up f reefy. 248 247 You say the mind will not: ooncelUra'&e on the Name.I shall DOt.wanders. ·yo. I shalt contiaue to. Similarly. What do you gain by fediD.

tiBtbjf.• : . for by doing.. up.. all these will blossom forth.of . 249 ~ •.wlllibe.happenand this is why so mu. . all Similarly•. With this.'t1ou. When this :ioc:ty. ... liberate4 have fClCOurse·to the Name.. ordeEtotiQd'ajob you loOk toisome ~n or~~forsUppOrt"yougb .it ·were... wi~~your hands is the mudra.. JAPA r .in S:~ing.of· "itself. thing Q.. His... Through the practice of the Nam~enjoyment.. nttItssne.dt. toa :particul4r' place•.. I: At all times the r.'DatU(~loftbei miftd.~~ .it. Nursing the sick ~rtbe:other8et under control :.anything at.tIN.. do.of His Name. as.sed. .. 'Do not take anything ligbtlyja ordet:' to test Ood..wil1 not advanCe' towards Self.•. His Nameshould be repeated mentally."rdeno! -the world' is ever' carriod.'ion . Castingaway. stress is.epetition .. With firm faith. OM Hundred Eightjl Sh 250 While working with your hands.•• __ .. the.pride. peace. liberation.iadhere to the .: implicit confidenceiand devotion.rma..ia. by "the One who sustains the univerk". this . The 'Work you. . .lm..the Lord IS Name should be kept.• ~.~ beooUIC'still is its dhii.. < 1.laid on. VM!Jmudra sustaintbeftow .·T~'tQake you wil!havcro be centred .Name and you will seethatallyourwofk. it.. in·' 9rder..~'urtenderyouraU to Him Your bUrden). done•.~ engaged in the play of sadhana. . .to. she .

anddedicates its fruit to· God. His work. you plunge right iato the mid~t of them aDd take your bath.'person practises. Olte HtUtdnd Eighty Eith' The.ll__ i:Jt. 10.Prescribed simitarly. the fruit <QlltIlOVer· be 'destr$yed or lost. aU about himself when you come to him. ~rformance of jopa has a beneficial result Of its own. ·&wers'ar6 .tain the remembrance of Him. .' and.".. Torepoat His Name is to bo in His.WlJlln the :ddWd' begins 'to' notice that his. lis.pallioDsue growing weaker arid del'" weU. there ~ . Let this be your Ilttitude 'JAPA· 252 2S1 Whenever you possibly can. This' is why one does japa somorpana (offering one'sjapti to one's lito). of mind. When Ute 'WKiS ripe God will return it to the aspirant. in the very thick of tempests aad difficulties of woddly life udea~ 10 main. presence. Similarly.nd tbat-God'isin this way besto"ing upon him the fruit of. Do you refrain from bathing when faced with waves of the sea? Surely.}7_uJd . 2SJ Difereat tmdsof' ~ dift'erotal: Jdtlds'Of pri}4'. sustain tho flow ofa sacred Name. practice. He will reveal His true Being to you.tIae repetition of His Name. if you associate with the Supreme Frien4. Just asa hum&A friend opens his heart to you and tells you.MATRI VANI service. jlllJl. When 'a .

. ·it·.ra~\1PiIl .•.DttOaal _ s~1y ·. t1le Sa/Jdtl BraItrMa(.huto. ~ ..u jtwete.bout of itself . .ilrQl.. • .fatth1h&Uhosecd thllt has -~Jr'. one will have::to keep count of'it.clnrMyl(petmeated. tbenof course thel'eia 110 more need to count.. remembJ'fttlOe'""":" The :MIMQ(JsdIal>tc 01.• atered·.}'o_:CODSt. Themi(ld~ustre.•..·IIIiIIct~osJibor..•.iOu_Sl·will without ·. HiS..yUablll)is'.·tllotemem-btaUe~ •.(ail'growmllO a·tm. .u. ~ He indml~g ."·.sltpreme ·ta1it1lW1 or proteetiOll aad' safety. But when japacomcs ". GOd •.cia: Him.II/wIr •.of. '.\ JUt asaftellsowina.creati02l is''iJ1l1larQh~i.. -necessary...sponta1teously . e .whereit <iannotremain . u .as long. To practice with the help of beads.a Having as one'Llole pursuit the Selfrevelation of that palaco of jewels in the form -ofthe Word (Akf(Ul(.alonowortlty.ach a coDdit~on._ried_.Bra~ -FoelcOlWi8c04-chat &"JWiU ·be fOWl<l 'm tho *8mc. the seed in the fotQl.Ud.Nij"".f to \)e.of ~ whnllimself presen1m. calIod bywhid the..l).• th• .manured.without .It.. There isaU"thcdiA'Crencc between doingjaptJ and japa OcCurring of itself. iscertaiJlI..Haw. seriea of.tcd maJltra.performs japa by' effort.~on»).· bowiq·Him who is ever ·poiSled.:jtuisealled: .of tbiai&: tbe higUstg~.j .) vario~s mantras and various kinds of roSaries. amant.

-'. 0'Ml· . so will you find Him'. J1a. all•.beitin a particular form Or without form. . ··When tlte Name oaerepeats~alive.iinanda in essence. Karma accumulated for ages and ages. pervading (mayi).Beloved. the Othkara are one and the same as tbe word ~Ma" .e -and. Himselfappear3 as Name. aU forma Hill fonDl.les:ate His Damtt. sins and desires are wiped out by God's sacred Name'. it is as when a seed is ~wn t~ tree arows out of it.0 She Herself giving of Herseffto· Herself t 258 tine _arriv~ realiation tlJat aJl..uisc.y nourishmet1t in the:fOrm of SlIUII1Ig. Thou art Father. "Thou art Mother. 257 Asyoudesite Ood.D.JllU'~. Is it not GOd to whom you say. that ·He is_hoot 118DI. .· He.. lust as lighting 'a lamp illumines a CMetliat··ltas been indarkuiss for centuric&. TheJette'r (tlktara) ilindtedOo4'.· The Name and the NaJnedareidentical. fot.fo1'1ll willaliO by _dby e«me t(llight~ . Thou art.mostto uypattioular perIOD is coBstantlYrepeatedi ·at the The immutable Brahman.Friend. Master !"'/ He indeed is· the Mother.JAPA be made to 8ptout Wlm1 pt(>\'i4ed with the l1ecessa. the primeval sound.who gives to everyone exactly what be needs . If tbe Name tHat appcali.

• by:. troyed and Reality stand aO'Mai. God is' present in the ·i1hable<.t'v 'Qr ". ODe seed: baS to :. '261 J' 25~i By God's Namethepull'ofevil.' . quished.()'~ .. thiDP· you ..even so theobscurityot\ numberless ·birJis is annihilated by the power of a divine name• .' b.•. .more . all yOur sins 'will be obliterated. .~. "~'~)F tu.t in the80und . ever able to caCcumuJate.6it endeavour to approacb Him.tbecODstaat 'To some devotees the :Onegivehl__ . 'the \ SeeI"Ot.s'" 'Sparkof fire can· ..: will]be <lesttoyed aud 'them .vaa.fttwkarmawillbe created. ~.collSume . The destl'llCtiblewill be ••.~eatiDg ii.IJ4fINI • . de Seed 'maAtta.contemplate' Hiin·' ftom 'His feet to the croWn of His head. ' There is Ii saying that it is·imposBibJa ior. . Jft'Mfition .bilak·· ..: just .asa.. 262 .BCin&by .a) ~>000 iH pre.o say .. then Qne should con~ntrate on the word (Iabda) wbilel'.so'" contemplation oftbe Supreme '... If one \Vants ~o eng~ge in jopa for a prolonged time.mal1to CQ~it as: many sins as can" .* ThoSe Who knoW who' is theit Itlamay while doi.taal:iu." ~§O .• ' 4fSrOJ)'ed JIOGther seccL . .nn•.annulled by 'Goo's Name.

MATRIVANI in the form. contemplate Him in the form dearest to you.. plunjed in the Name: Solely for the sake of God must ·His Name < 'be: . For the time being repeat the Name of Him that appeals to you most. "Lord..cnd.:but H~ •.ow~ YGUwithdevotion and capacity. . and pray.. He bas . reveal Tbyself to me in. not come to you in the form of a rDaftUa." Endeavour at all times toremain merged. repeated - remunbct tltis. they Jove raost.. the way that is for my ultimate good W 263 ' Keep on repeating the Name of tbeLord~ Pray: "Lord be pleased to manifest in theform ofdikia. a word of power.

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