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January 6, 2014 Dear MESA Scholarship Committee: I am pleased to recommend Anny Pham for the MESA scholarship.

I have had the opportunity to work with Anny as her teacher in creative writing and college preparatory English 11, and in both of these courses Anny has proven to be the most intellectually curious, engaged, and determined student I have encountered. She will unquestionably make an excellent addition to any freshman class. I can honestly say that I have encountered few individuals as enthusiastic about learning as Anny Pham. Anny views every moment as an opportunity for learning. During class she actively listens, asks questions and contributes comments that help the other students reach a greater depth of understanding. If she encounters a concept with which she is unfamiliar, she will research it on her own time. Anny is planning to pursue a career in forensic pathology. On several occasions she has come into class telling me about a new type of tumor she has read about and sharing pictures of this new discovery with me via Google images. Her enthusiasm toward her future career is readily apparent. She will undoubtedly excel in her chosen field because it will provide her with continuing opportunities to learn and explore new concepts and solve problems. As a student at an early college high school, Anny has chosen to pursue a rigorous course of learning that has incorporated numerous AP courses, as well as courses offered on our campus through the University of Utah, including calculus 1210, writing 1010/2010, and humanities 2001. In every college courses, as in her high school classes, Anny has demonstrated an unfailingly positive attitude and extraordinary aptitude. Anny has the distinction of being one of the few high school students I have encountered who consistently sets and pursues goals. Anny will be the first person in her family to attend college, and as such, she took it upon herself to develop a plan to help her achieve this goal. Despite being one of the best writers in both my creative writing and English classes, Anny was determined to improve her writing, viewing it as a personal academic weakness. Consequently, she sought feedback, applied that feedback and then completed more drafts than required to ensure that she constructed the best possible paper. This determination to reach her goals will undoubtedly serve her well in the future. Anny is an exceptional student who will undoubtedly excel in college and in her future career as a forensic pathologist. Please give her the most serious of consideration for the MESA scholarship. Sincerely,

Shannon K. Freestone The Academy for Math, Engineering and Science (AMES) 5715 South 1300 East Salt Lake City, Utah 84121 801-278-9460 ex: 218