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Present: Ychan, AJ, zhee, adri, emil, rj, fer Sept 18, 2013- departure to baguio, REOs, RWCs, RWCs First Day

-6am Set registration before Sept 19 Registration 6am to 11am Step 1: Masterlist (printed with name and local chapter) ROY & ERIKA Step 2: Checking of names if present in the Acad/Nonacad events. It is to be noted that participants are not allowed to confirm only on the exact time of the event. ACAD & NON ACAD RSCs  Ichecheck ung mga hard copy ng requirements like ung mga cds Step 3: presentation of ORs LEILA Step 4: Kits KENDRICK & JERJER  Lanyard (supplied by supplier of PICPA) 50  T-shirt (Blue Angel) 110  Planner and pens 40  Pin (Sandiwa Logo) Gold and Maroon 20  Gym Bag (Divisoria) 75  Disclosures 100  Mugs/Pouch 30 = 425  Sponsored freebies  Jottered pens for Acad participants  Flyers o Sorting of kits (per province) (Kendrick, Reneil, RR, Jerjer, Yda, ) Step 5: Keys (Room Assignments) ECHO &ADRI Tagaturo Sa Lunch = Pichy :p Walk-ins are not allowed Design ng T-Shirt : by AJ and Jane: 2nd week of August Teaser poster to be done by Budgets: Acad Non Acad August 9, bbgay ung budget Arbiters: Caiga Merez

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Jerome. Echo. Leila.Alison Judges: Speak Now = SGV Dress Code: (delegates) 1st day = Corpo attire 2nd day = A: Corpo.. HEA: Cocktail dress (Photobooth) Photobooth to be arranged by zhee…. AJ. Christ. Jane. S: Corpo. RJ = drafts of IRR Mas Case study = the written outputs are to be scanned…each judge shall be given a copy . T/F: Pichy Homs: printing of certi of participation and seminars. Reneil. N: JPIA shirt. Rj. Jeffrey Audit: Kendrick. (large tarpaulin) Work Coms: Academics: Fer. Yda. Leah Non Acad: Emil. Jamila. RR. Lacer. Kuya Russ. Kateleen. Alyana. Ron. Bino. Eca. Renzel..