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Assigned Reading (Due Mo Tu We Th Fr ____/____)

• Independent Reading in your novels

Assigned Work (Due Mo Tu We Th Fr ____/____)

• Independent Reading Grammar and Concept Review #1

Assigned Vocabulary and Spelling (Due Mo Tu We Th Fr ____/____)

compose conclude confirm
composition concrete consequence
conceive conditions
concise conduct

With the words above…

Create an English class board game using the organizer provided or by making your own. Each word above
should be written into a square as an instruction for a game-player to complete. For example, if someone
lands on the CONDUCT square, s/he may have to “Conduct a survey in class to see how many students lie
to their parents about grades” because we just read a story about that. Get it?

Assigned Prefixes, Suffixes, or Root Words (Due Mo Tu We Th Fr ____/____)

contra- against, opposed to
cor- together
counter- opposition, opposite direction
de- down, from, reduce, reverse, away, completely, removal
di- apart, through, across, removal

For the prefixes above…

Write a paragraph on a topic of your choice that includes one word that begins with each of those prefixes.

Ongoing Projects
• Continue reading from your novels! You should complete your book in two to three weeks.
• Character Development progress check (Due Mo Tu We Th Fr ____/____)
• Unit One Test!!! (Due Mo Tu We Th Fr ____/____)

Challenge Work (Due Mo Tu We Th Fr ____/____)

• None. We have enough going on right now. 