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DP 1 Name:

Unit 4 – Perspective and Sight Lines in Self-Portraits Class:

Objectives: Create a self-portrait in charcoal pencil with the following:
• Correctly utilize sightlines and measurements to make the face
• Use a full 0-9 value scale for the values of the portrait.
• Create the different textures of the face, hair, and background using
different charcoal techniques.
• Demonstrate a full understanding of how to use charcoal pencils.

1. Create a value scale and value sphere using your charcoal pencil to
get used to the new media. Create the values the same way you did
with the paper sculpture drawing. Use the blending stump to create
softer values on the sphere.
2. Begin drawing the face by creating one perfect eye. Measure
everything else in your drawing by the eye to create perfect
3. Use a 0-9 value scale to create form for your face.
4. Use your blending stump and the kneaded rubber eraser to make
different textures in the drawing.
5. Use the white chalk pencil for highlights. Use it sparingly.


20 points each**, 100 points total

Student Teacher
1. Perspective: How strong are the proportions on your self-portrait? Did you
correctly use sight lines and a unit of measure?

2. Value: How well did you use value to create the forms of your face?

3. Texture: Did you create a sense of different textures from your face to your
hair to your clothes?

4. Charocal Pencil Technique: How well did you control the pencil lines? Does
your work show a good understanding of how to handle charcoal?

5. Craftsmanship: How much effort id you put into the craftsmanship of this
project? Did you make the extra effort to complete your work?

** 20-18=Advanced; 17-16=Proficient; 15-14=Emerging; 13-0=Unsatisfactory