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focus on you How to Land a Job
come back for an interview, or thanked for Nothing is more heartbreaking for a teencoming. If the Manager thanks you for comager than finding the perfect purchase; the cutest ing in, return the gesture by thanking him/her heels, the rarest football jersey available, or the and shaking hands. Go back 1-2 weeks later and perfect gift for a significant other, and realizing ask again to speak to a manager and talk about a that this great buy cannot be yours for the simple potential job opening. Bug them! If they are lookfact that you are broke. It is extremely difficult for ing for a committed employee, they will take your a teenager to find a job in today’s economy, as peo- perseverance as a good thing, and you might be ple are holding tight to their jobs in order to pay offered a position. If asked to return for an interthe bills. Here are a few tips and an interview with view, get ready! a Manager that can give you rare insight into the Interview Tips: Dress professionally. Boys world of business. Whether applying at McDon- and girls alike should wear formal slacks with a alds or Olive Garden, these tips will help you find button-down or semi-formal shirt. Girls, same a job. make-up tip. Clean and simple, don’t be too draCreate a resume: A resume says on paper everything that you are capable of. Construct a resume using a simple Word Document, using concise and clean sentences that answer the question at hand. You want to come across as a professional, dedicated worker who will deliver the utmost level of skill. When you fill out an application, bring your resume and a paper clip with you so that you can attach your resume to their application. This will make you stand out from the other applicants. Go-Sees: Get out there! Drive around in your area and look for potential workplaces. Once you have spotted a place of interest, go inside and ask to speak to the Manager of the establishment. If the Manager is not present at the time, politely ask Taylor Booker, 12, prepares an order at the Valrico Dunkin Donuts when he/she will be available, and come back at that time. If the Manager is available, introduce yourself and ask if applications are matic. Practice answering potential questions with available. You want to let the Manager know you a parental figure, as they likely have practice beexist, let them meet you, or else you will just be ing the subject of an interview. Make sure that you another name on a piece of paper. Be sure to dress have clean, concise answers ready for your potenprofessionally, slacks and button-down shirts are tial boss. That way when you go to your interview, perfect. Girls: Wear clean-looking makeup, noth- you will be prepared and ready for anything they ing too dramatic. will ask. Call Back: Once you have filled out an appliDon’t Give Up!: Even if you never get to the cation and have turned it in to a Manager along interview stage, or don’t get offered a position afwith your resume, you will either be asked to ter an interview, think positively! Keep trying at

school. work. life.

By: Sarah Binkerd

different places until you find the right place for you. You will never get a job unless you keep trying and being persistent, so don’t lose hope. Now that you have some tips to get you on your way to being an employee, you need to know exactly what a Manager is looking for in an employee. Here is an interview with Christine Keijers, Manager of the Valrico Dunkin Donuts. SB: Thanks for sitting down with me off the clock! It’s great that you want to help our newspaper! CK: No problem, Sarah. SB: So what do you look for in a potential employee? CK: I look for a hard worker, someone who will show up on time and cover their shifts. I don’t mind hiring teenagers, but I expect them to act like adults when they come in to work. SB: What do you read off of a person by the first impression? CK: I get an overall opinion of a person from a first impression. I see how they dress for an important opportunity, and how they will carry themselves in a work environment. How they talk to me and answer my questions is also something I pay attention to, because that is how they will talk to the customers. I generally have an idea of if I want to hire someone or not after they first interview, so it is very important for potential employees to come prepared. SB: Do you have any advice for teenagers looking for a job in today’s economy? CK: Get out there and apply, apply, apply. Keep trying until you are successful. Be mature and respectful to any potential manager, and prepare for an interview you may have. Eventually, will patience and dedication, you will find a job. SB: Well thank you for your insight! This is going to be very helpful to any teen looking for a source of income. CK: You are very welcome, Sarah.

ACT and SAT News
By: Kelsey Rodriguez
As our junior and senior years continue we are all faced with the grueling task of taking the SAT and/or the ACT. I’m here to give you some general information about each test to guide you in making the correct choice on which test would best fit you. Let’s begin with the SAT. The cost of the SAT is $43.00 per test, and includes a mandatory timed writing. This test is approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes long; the 45 minutes are reserved for the writing portion. This test penalizes you for guessing, so if you can’t eliminate at least 2 of the answer choices, omit the question. In each of the sections the questions descend from easiest to hardest. This test entails Critical Reading (sentence level reading), Mathematics (numbers and operations, algebra 1& 2, functions, geometry, statistics, probability and data analysis), and also Writing (multiple choice grammar and usage). Throughout the test sections, you collect a number of points (you earn more points for answering the harder questions correctly), totaling your final score in the end. The maximum score is 2400. The SAT is a difficult test, which measures your academic achievement

in Critical Reading, Mathematics, and a required timed Writing. If you are not a good writer, chances are you would be more interested in the ACT. The ACT does not require you to write an essay but includes a section on science. If you opt to take this test, the cost is $30.00; it is an additional $14.50 to add the writing portion. Remember the writing portion is strictly optional, and if you chose not to participate in the writing, it does not affect

your score whatsoever. The ACT is entirely multiple-choice, with no guessing penalty. Each section has either easy or hard question, but are not in any order. The difficulty of questions is mixed throughout each section. This test time is approximately

3 hours without the writing portion. The ACT has more to do, essentially. This test includes sections on the following: English (usage/mechanics and rhetorical skills), Mathematics (pre-algebra, elementary algebra, intermediate algebra, geometry, and trigonometry), Reading (humanities, natural science, prose fiction, and social studies), and lastly Science (biology, chemistry, physics, and earth space science). If you chose to take the SAT here are some dates for you to arrange your early Saturday wake up, 10/10 (Bloomingdale campus), 11/7, 12/5(Bloomingdale campus), 1/23, 3/13 (Bloomingdale), 5/1, and 6/5(Bloomingdale campus) And for those of you interested in the ACT, here are some dates for you to rise with the sun -9/12 (Bloomingdale campus), 10/24, 12/12, 2/6, 4/10, and 6/12. Each test has a deadline for registration, so choose the day you want online at www.collegeboard.com/testing. Whether you take the SAT or the ACT (or both), remember that you have help all around you to make the outcome successful. Take advantage of every opportunity available. Colleges’ look at both SAT and ACT scores. So, if you have a particular college in mind you might want to check and see which test they prefer, some do not mind and others look for a certain test and a certain score. Taking both tests is an advantage. Keep in mind that you can take these tests as many times as you need to obtain the score you want to send out on your transcripts. If you have any questions see your guidance counselor or ask a teacher for answers. Good luck.

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