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Conscientious reliable and hardworking medical professional, pays attention to details, crusader of clinical governance, with excellent interpersonal and time management skills, seeking further training and experience in accident and emergency medicine while working towards a career in laparoscopic and bloodless surgery.

Educational Qualifications
School/University attended Ayub Medical College Abbottabad Ayub Medical College Abbottabad Quaid-e-azam Grammer School Faisalabad Qualification obtained Bachelor of Medicine; Bachelor of Cardiology (MBBS) Intercalated BSC, Medical Sciences (Hons) 6 A* at GCSE O/L From – To 28/8/01 – 21/06/04 20/9/99 – 15/6/01 23/9/94 – 10/6/99

Employment History
Name & Address of Employer University College Hospital Karachi Broomfield Hospital Karachi Grade & Specialty PRHO General Surgery & Cardiology SHO Trauma & Orthopedics From - To 04/8/04 – 02/02/07 04/2/07 – 02/8/09

Skills and Proficiencies

Able to recognize and give immediate and appropriate treatment in a wide range of Medical, Surgical and Cardiological conditions including: • Myocardial infraction • Acute coronary syndrome • Acute asthma attack • Diabetic keto-acidosis

Management Experience
Was in charge of medical students’ hostel as the welfare secretary, Medical Students’ Association. I had to manage a group of six office staff attached to the medical students’ secretariat, motivating them for optimal performance, as well as the annual budget.

Will be furnished upon request.

Question 2: 1. There are several ways of looking at this and.......... (a) (b) (c) (d) you'll have to opt you'll have to take you'll have to choose you'll have to accept

2. Nobody's going to call me names and.......... (a) (b) (c) (d) get on with it get up with it get away from it get away with it

3. You can't agree with both of them.......... (a) (b) (c) (d) make your opinion up make your mind up make your brain up make your thoughts up

4. Don't worry about not getting enough support..........

(a) (b) (c) (d)

I'm with you all the way I'm with you the whole route I'm with you all the path I'm with you the whole road

5. You're not telling me you didn't laugh once.......... (a) (b) (c) (d) I bet you will I bet you did I bet you have I bet you do

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