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"May No Soldier Go Unloved. May No Soldier Walk Alone.

May No Soldier
Be Forgotten. Until They All Come Home." ~ Patti Patton-Bader-

Christina: a spiritual leader in Uganda Africa

whose troops are living in tents
and have bad working condi-

Andrea: is a medic in Afghanistan who still has 6

more months and needs cheer-
ing up.

Leah: This is her 3rd deployment. She is on a

NATO base in Afghanistan
where there are few things that
remind her of home.

1Point Margaret and k9 “Lord”: Margaret is a dog han-

dler for the Army. She and her
dog Lord have had a rough

Letter Writing Raffle

You don's have to support the war, but support the ladies.

1. Write a letter
**Cheryl will
2. Put it in “letters to mail all letters
soldiers” folder each week.

3. Earn 1 point per letter Extra letters

around the
I will NOT read 4. Earn 1 raffle ticket
holidays help
your letters, but per letter
please make sure them get through

you put your 5. New raffle prizes every deployment

NAME on them to week.
earn your prizes