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I passilerty Hospitaland c.

ontinueon past illaylandsyacht Gluband through

the BeringnPadrweilands. Gontinueuntir ros.*hioiltnil,, (Thesign is
brokenso check).Don't go pastthe ilayhnds-GoifCiurr"l--'' "na turn L.

GrossPeninsulaRd,into Richardst, and donr onto sran

uiew Tce.Turn L, andafter 100
mettes,past, turn R into pubticaccess_patfr*my
the patt towardttrl carylt Rd. Bridgeandtfn picniiarea-it-ihesrvannirei'ag;in. Follow
the hrsnrater Rowing-Glub, andiust beforuthe Bayswarer
sea scouts clubhousetake the y
fork to the L Follovthe cyilewayaround ra* unriiir"-hit
L until t/ouGro$rthe canaloyeralmafi footbridge. a narrowcanal.veer to the

['You-arein-th! singletonBird sanctuaql,andfollow the paur,to whereit turns tfte

!!t" n Logk diagonallyL to a roundlimestoner.roru-naql.. cut acrossto this and onto
the road(tlemorial Dr) headingeast Alongthe path ir
rigi *ith suburb distances.Turn L
hercandshv on tlhe-track,alongsidesore hou# fit "
Tum L andthen R (ItunstoneRrl)to go underthe Hrry.t; hfi ile safetyfenceat ronkin Hwy.

Turn R underilte Hwy,andthen L into Kenyry-e- Aveto tfre T iunction at Moojebingst. Turn
R to AshfieldPde, whgrcyou continu., at flre te"o nrt, dt. tt. stepsdownto the
riyer. Keepon flre track nowand enjoyieautifill
-d ries*
Whenilte track turns sharpL (SandyBeachReserue) follow it as it becomesWestRd.
Follou w-estRd up ttre signpost ;Reid st lBassenoean pcr.J,Trrn R into Bassendean
Pde',and continue.rt 5-
Rd., whichmeetswiilr GuildfordRd.just beforethe
bridgeovertlre sran. lecomerl{orth
Takea R and you'rr walkinginto Guildiord.0nly l.3km to go!
Continueuntil tmdow St andturn L overt{rer:ailwayline
and besidethe park.At the
roundahoutcontinuestnight and 100 metresatongturn
into it. ctrarles-slmi;fi.-