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Fy S beginsat Bindoon,straightup GreatilorthernHwy,Therearenodeviations.

Theendpointfor the dayis HayFlat Rd.

Therewill besignsfor traffic to berare,but the sidcof the roadis tricky in parts,
andvigihnceis required.Pm told that afterthe first truck goesthrougtr,radio
contactwill warntrucksbehindthat weareonthe road.Thire is no giaranieeas
howtheywill referto us!! to

It ls about5l kmsto l{ewl{orciafrom Bindoon,

sowewlll get abouthalfwaythls

D1r 6 uill bring us to our goal and a wortly celetntion. ilax and Vicki Smith
o!f-e1msomegoodotd fashionedhospitalrty.nontfZ ims from HayFlat Rd.They
will be there to grcet us at their front gae on the Highwayin the Truck Bay.

We aretofd that traffic will be heavierwith trucks, and those driving up to see
wildflowers-TheVistoria PlainsShire President,6eoff Ericksonwilite on hand
drlYeaheadin the Shlreutllity to glvetnlffc awiareness of our whereabouts,
A hallmarkof this Pilgrimagehc beenthe enormius erthusiasm,andsupportfrom
indiuidualsand Shiresto enableus to fulfil this significant First daminoiiraao.