1967 VISIT.

Sunny day that hospital visiting day she outside in a chair smoking a cigarette I sat in a chair next to her wouldn t let me out she said wanted to meet you in !ondon "ut the docs put their spoke in the wheel and the parents are none too happy a"out it means they have to visit me rather than I go to them I said nothing let her speak on get it out o# her system she had this dressing gown on her hair tied "ack in an untidy "un "right red slippers on her #eet i# I didn t have these cigarettes

I$d go completely over the wall with the other #ruit cakes in here she said they said you were here at the hall I said I went there #irst %arwick said you were here "ought you these and I gave her a pack o# smokes and a small "ox o# chocolates she took the gi#ts with her #ree hand and placed them "eside her on the grass &od you are good to me i# we were in the 'ity I$d repay you she said no need I said given out o# love not lust she smiled guess so she said they keep that small cup"oard

locked now she said a#ter that time we had it o## in there she said I looked "ack towards the hospital ward a #ew yards away too small anyway I said she inhaled slow on the cigarette her eyes hal# closing due to the smoke do you really get that church tam"ourine "anging thing( she asked the essence yes I said not necessarily the trappings she stared at me her #ree hand in her lap the other holding the cigarette to one side I suppose people need to "elieve something in this darn circus o# a world she said

guess so I said she looked down towards the road some #i#ty yards away where tra##ic moved slowly "y and as she moved she crossed her legs a glimpse o# thigh caught my weary eye.

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