The Interceding Christian

By Kenneth E. Hagin
Third Edition Fourth Printing 1995 ISBN 0-892 !-0"0-# In the $.S. %rite& Kenneth Hagin 'ini(trie( P.). Bo* 5012! Tu+(a, )K #150-012! In -anada .rite& Kenneth Hagin 'ini(trie( P.). Bo* ""5, Station / Eto0i1o2e, )ntario -anada, '93 #4"

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1 Inter1eding :or a Nation........................................................... # 2 /ea+ing %ith Strongho+d(...................................................... 1# " Praying %ith the He+5 o: the Ho+y S5irit............................... 21

Chapter 1

Interceding for a Nation

I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our aviour; !ho will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth. ;1 Ti9othy 2&1-#
In 0eginning our (tudy on inter1e((ory 5rayer, noti1e the .ord <:ir(t< in the a0o8e S1ri5ture. Thing( .or2 .hen .e :o++o. dire1tion(= there:ore, .e .ant to ta2e the Bi0+e +itera++y and do e*a1t+y a( it (ay(. Too 9any ti9e( .e (ay .e 0e+ie8e in 5rayer and +et it go at that. >ou 1ou+d (ay you 0e+ie8e in dri8ing an auto9o0i+e, 0ut that doe(n?t 9ean you 1an dri8e one. >ou 1ou+d +earn a +ot 0y (tudying a hand0oo2 on dri8ing, 0ut there are (o9e thing( you ne8er .ou+d +earn unti+ you got in an auto9o0i+e and (tarted dri8ing. >ou +earn 0y e*5erien1e. Pau+ (aid in our o5ening S1ri5ture, "I exhort therefore, that, first....< @et?( 5ut :ir(t thing( :ir(t. %e +et (e1ondary thing( 5redo9inate, and neg+e1t thing( that (hou+d 0e :ir(t. In our (5iritua+ +i:e .e 0+a9e Aod :or our :ai+ure(. %e .onder .hy 1ertain thing( don?t go right, .hen, rea++y, .e are not 5utting :ir(t thing( :ir(t. $(ua++y, 5eo5+e are 5utting the9(e+8e( :ir(t, e8en .hen it 1o9e( to 5raying. But the Bi0+e doe(n?t tea1h that. 'any ti9e( 5rayer( are not an(.ered :or you 0e1au(e you are 5utting your(e+: :ir(t. #

Interceding for a #ation


Too 9any ti9e( 5eo5+e are +i2e the :ar9er .ho 5rayed, <@ord, 0+e(( 9e and 9y .i:e, 9y (on, Bohn, and hi( .i:e;u( :our and no 9ore.< %e 9ay not 5ut it e*a1t+y in tho(e .ord(, 0ut that?( the e*tent o: our 5raying 9u1h o: the ti9e. Pau+ (aid in our o5ening S1ri5ture that 0e:ore .e 5ray :or our(e+8e( or our :a9i+ie( .e (hou+d 5ray "for kings, and for all that are in authority.< That 9ean( .e are to 5ray :or our go8ern9ent;:or tho(e .ho are in authority;:ro9 the nationa+ +e8e+ do.n to the +o1a+ +e8e+. 3 :e. o: u( 9ay 0e doing thi( no., 0ut not 9any. I: -hri(tian( .ere 5raying :or our +eader(, thing( .ou+d not 0e a( they are in our nation. Pau+ .rote under the anointing o: Aod?( S5irit, .hi1h 9ean( the(e .ord( in Fir(t Ti9othy are Aod?( .ord(. Aod i( not going to te++ u( to 5ray :or (o9ething He?( not going to gi8e u(. No :ather .ou+d te++ hi( 1hi+d he .a( going to 0uy her a do++ :or her 0irthday and then not do it. -ertain+y our hea8en+y Father i( not +e(( :aith:u+ in Hi( 5ro9i(e( than an earth+y :ather .ou+d 0e. Aod i( not a 9an that He (hou+d +ie. He .i++ do .hat He (ay(; .hen .e 9eet %is 1ondition(. So 9any ti9e( there are conditions to 0e 9et in 1onne1tion .ith 5rayer. "I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; For kings....< C88. 1,2D. In the ti9e in .hi1h Pau+ .rote, 9o(t 1ountrie( had 2ing( :or +eader(. Today?( eEui8a+ent in our 1ountry .ou+d 0e our Pre(ident. Pau+ then (aid, "for all that are in authority" C8. 2D. That 9ean( a++ our +eader(;1ongre((9en, (enator(, go8ernor(, 9ayor(;all .ho are in authority. It e8en in1+ude( 5o+i1e9en. It?( (o ea(y to 1riti1iFe. I hear 5eo5+e 1riti1iFe and I 2no. they are not 5raying :or our +eader(= :or .hen .e 5ray :or other( .e are not (o a5t to 1riti1iFe the9. 3( -hri(tian(, ho.e8er, .e are not to 5ut 5o+iti1( 0e:ore -hri(t. So9e 5eo5+e are (o 5o+iti1a++y 9inded they are no good (5iritua++y.


'he Interceding (hristian

)ne ti9e, :or e*a95+e, (o9e 5o+iti1a+ +eader( in one (e1tion o: the 1ountry .ere under 1ri9ina+ indi1t9ent. @ater on they e8entua++y .ere 1on8i1ted and e8en (ent to the 5enitentiary. But I o8erheard (o9e -hri(tian( (ay they .ere going to 8ote :or the(e 9en any.ay. They didn?t 1are i: they had (to+en t.o or three thou(and do++ar(. They .ere going to 8ote :or the9 0e1au(e they .ere o: their 5arti1u+ar 5o+iti1a+ 5er(ua(ion, and they 8ehe9ent+y de1+ared that one ought to 8ote a (traight 5arty ti12et. It didn?t 9a2e any di::eren1e .ho the 1andidate( .ere. Fortunate+y, the(e 5o+iti1ian( didn?t get re-e+e1ted. There are (o9e 5eo5+e .ho, i: they did 5ray :or (o9eone .ho .a( not a 9e90er o: their 5o+iti1a+ 5arty, .ou+d 5ray :or hi9 to 0e de:eated. I: the 5er(on .ere a+ready in o::i1e, they .ou+d 5ray that he .ou+dn?t 0e (u11e((:u+. That i( a (e+:i(h 5rayer, and one that .on?t 0e heard or an(.ered. The @ord ha( i95re((ed u5on 9e that .e (hou+d 5ray e(5e1ia++y :or our nation, :or thing( 1an 0e 1hanged through 5rayer. Aod doe(n?t te++ u( to do (o9ething Gu(t to 5ut e*tra .ord( in the Bi0+e, or to :i++ u5 (5a1e. He ha( a 5ur5o(e in 9ind. In our S1ri5ture te*t .e 1an +earn the 5ur5o(e o: 5raying :or our +eader(. Pau+ (aid to 5ray :or tho(e .ho are in authority (o that .e .ho are -hri(tian( "may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty" C8. 2D. Aod i( 1on1erned a0out u( and .i++ 9o8e, e8en though tho(e .ho are in authority 9ay not 0e -hri(tian(. He .i++ an(.er our 5rayer( and do thing( :or u( that .e "may lead a quiet and peaceable life.< Noti1e the u+ti9ate 5ur5o(e o: our 5raying :or our nation. "For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our aviour" C8. "D. I: .e, a( -hri(tian(, .ant to 5+ea(e Aod, .hat are .e going to 5ut a( nu90er one on our 5rayer +i(tH 'eH 'y -hi+drenH 'y grand1hi+drenH 'y 1hur1hH No. %e are going to do e*a1t+y a( Aod (aid to do& to 5ray first :or a++ .ho are in authority.

Interceding for a #ation


Noti1e the :ourth 8er(e& "!ho will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.< Aod?( u+ti9ate 5ur5o(e in ha8ing u( 5ray :or tho(e in authority i( that .e .i++ 0e a0+e to (5read the Ao(5e+. I: .e do not ha8e good go8ern9ent .here there i( Euietne(( and 5ea1e, it hinder( the (5read o: the Ao(5e+. In ti9e o: 5o+iti1a+ u5hea8a+ .e are hindered in (5reading the Ao(5e+. In ti9e o: .ar .e are hindered in (5reading the Ao(5e+ due to tra8e+ re(tri1tion( and other +i9itation(. Aod .ant( u( to get the Ao(5e+ out. He .ant( u( to get the truth out. Be(u( (aid .hen He .a( here on earth, "*nd this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come" C'att. 2#&1#D. The de8i+ .ou+d do hi( 0e(t to (ee that thi( i( not a11o95+i(hed. 'ini(ter( .ho ha8e tra8e+ed e*ten(i8e+y in other 1ountrie( in Ao(5e+ .or2 te++ 9e that .hi+e other 1ountrie( are doing a 1ertain a9ount o: 9i((ionary .or2, 39eri1a i( a0out the on+y one 1arrying the Ao(5e+ to the .or+d. Natura++y, .e (ee .hy the de8i+ .ou+d o55o(e our nation (o he 1ou+d (to5 the :+o. o: truth to the .ho+e .or+d. 3nd .e 1an (ee .hy Aod .ant( u( to 5ray :or tho(e in authority, 0e1au(e He .ou+d ha8e "all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth" C8. #D. No. that .e (ee why He to+d u( to 5ray :or our nation, +et?( +oo2 into the 9atter o: how to 5ray :or our nation. The S1ri5ture i( 1+ear enough a0out who .e are to 5ray :or .hen it (ay(, "for kings, and for all that are in authority" C8. 2D. But +et?( ta+2 a +itt+e a0out the how. Noti1e that Pau+ (aid, " upplications, prayers, intercessions" C8. 1D. In thi( 1ha5ter .e .i++ di(1u(( <inter1e((ion(.< The 5rayer( o: inter1e((ion and (u55+i1ation are, o: 1our(e, 5rayer( :or other(, and thi( S1ri5ture i( ta+2ing a0out 5raying :or other(. 3n e*a95+e o: inter1e((ory 5rayer i( :ound in Aene(i(


'he Interceding (hristian

18&20-2 .here .e (ee 30raha9?( inter1e((ion :or the 1itie( o: Sodo9 and Ao9orrah.
GENESIS 18:20-27 20 And the Lord said, Beca se the cr! o" Sodo# and Go#orrah is great, and $eca se their sin is %er! grie%o s& 21 I 'i(( go do'n no', and see 'hether the! ha%e done a(together according to the cr! o" it, 'hich is co#e nto #e& and i" not, I 'i(( )no'* 22 And the #en t rned their "aces "ro# thence, and 'ent to'ard Sodo#: $ t A$raha# stood !et $e"ore the Lord* 2+ And A$raha# dre' near, and said, ,i(t tho a(so destro! the righteo s 'ith the 'ic)ed2. /erad%ent re there $e "i"t! righteo s 'ithin the cit!: 'i(t tho a(so destro! and not s0are the 0(ace "or the "i"t! righteo s that are therein21 That $e "ar "ro# thee to do a"ter this #anner, to s(a! the righteo s 'ith the 'ic)ed: and that the righteo s sho (d $e as the 'ic)ed, that $e "ar "ro# thee: Sha(( not the 2 dge o" a(( the earth do right23 And the Lord said, I" I "ind in Sodo# "i"t! righteo s 'ithin the cit!, then I 'i(( s0are a(( the 0(ace "or their sa)es* 27 And A$raha# ans'ered and said, Beho(d no', I ha%e ta)en 0on #e to s0ea) nto the Lord, 'hich a# $ t d st and ashes*

Noti1e that 30raha9 hu90+ed hi9(e+: 0e:ore the @ord, re:erring to hi9(e+: a( "but dust and ashes.< It?( good :or u( to go into the 5re(en1e o: Aod and get on our :a1e 0e:ore the @ord. In 9any 5+a1e( in the Bi0+e .e read o: 1ertain one( .ho +aid on their :a1e( 0e:ore the @ord. The Bi0+e te++( u( to hu90+e our(e+8e(, to (u09it our(e+8e( to Aod. ",raw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you" CBa9e( #&8D. I?8e heard 5eo5+e 5ray, <@ord, 9a2e u( hu90+e.< But He i(

Interceding for a #ation


not going to do that. That i( one 5rayer that ne8er .i++ 0e an(.ered. He i( not going to 9a2e you hu90+e. He te++( you to hu90+e your(e+:. %hen I(rae+ dedi1ated So+o9on?( Te95+e, Aod 5ro9i(ed He .ou+d do 1ertain thing(. E8en i: they .ent into (in, .hen they returned to Aod and hu90+ed the9(e+8e( He .ou+d hear the9, an(.er the9, and re(tore the9. "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land" C2 -hron. &1#D. He i( not going to hu90+e you. He 9ay 5er9it (o9e thing( to ha55en that .i++ hu9i+iate you, 0ut He?( not going to hu90+e you. >ou 9u(t hu90+e your(e+:. So .e (ee that 30raha9 hu90+ed hi9(e+:. There i( nothing good in u(, :ro9 the natura+ (tand5oint, e*1e5t that Be(u( d.e++( in u(. %ithout Hi9 .e are nothing= .e are "but dust and ashes" C8. 2 D. 3( I 5ray in 5ri8ate 0e:ore I enter the 5u+5it to 5rea1h, I (i95+y (ay, <@ord, I ha8e no 9erit o: 9y o.n to 0a(e any an(.er( to 5rayer on. I don?t 1o9e in 9y o.n na9e. I Gu(t thro. 9y(e+: on >our 9er1y. %ithout >ou I a9 nothing.< There i( an i95ortant 5rin1i5+e, a nugget o: truth, in Aene(i( 18.
GENESIS 18:28-+2 28 /erad%ent re there sha(( (ac) "i%e o" the "i"t! righteo s: 'i(t tho destro! a(( the cit! "or (ac) o" "i%e- And he said, I" I "ind there "ort! and "i%e, I 'i(( not destro! it* 24 And he s0a)e nto hi# !et again, and said, /erad%ent re there sha(( $e "ort! "o nd there* And he said, I 'i(( not do it "or "ort!5s sa)e* +0 And he said nto hi#, 6h (et not the Lord $e angr!, and I 'i(( s0ea): /erad%ent re there sha(( thirt! $e "o nd there* And he said, I 'i(( not do it, i" I "ind thirt! there*


'he Interceding (hristian +1 And he said, Beho(d no', I ha%e ta)en 0on #e to s0ea) nto the Lord: /erad%ent re there sha(( $e t'ent! "o nd there* And he said, I 'i(( not destro! it "or t'ent!5s sa)e* +2 And he said, 6h (et not the Lord $e angr!, and I 'i(( s0ea) !et $ t this once ****

Ho. I .i(h 30raha9 .ou+dn?t ha8e (aid he .ou+d (5ea2 Gu(t one 9ore ti9e. I 0e+ie8e i: he had a(2ed, <@ord, i: you 1an :ind :i8e .. . ,< the @ord .ou+d ha8e (aid, <3++ right, i: I :ind :i8e righteou( I .on?t de(troy the 1ity.< I?9 thorough+y 1on8in1ed the @ord .ou+d ha8e (5ared the 1ity :or e8en one. But 30raha9 (to55ed at ten. "0eradventure ten shall be found there. *nd he said, I will not destroy it for ten1s sake" CAen. 18&"2D. %hat a tre9endou( (tate9entI <I .i++ not de(troy Sodo9 and Ao9orrah :or ten?( (a2e.< I9agine Aod?( (aying He .ou+d (5are that .i12ed 5+a1eI He had a+ready (5o2en a0out the (e*ua+ i95urity o: tho(e 1itie(. >et, He (aid He .ou+d (5are the9 :or the (a2e o: ten righteou( 9en. Thi( .or+d 1ertain+y .ou+d 0e in a 9e(( i: it .eren?t :or -hri(tian(. It a+ready .ou+d ha8e 0een de(troyed i: it .eren?t :or u(. No .onder Be(u( (aid, "2e are the salt of the earth" C'att. 5&1"D. I 1an re9e90er 0a12 0e:ore .e had re:rigerator( or :reeFer( .hen 9y grand9other u(ed to 1an a +ot o: :ruit and 8egeta0+e(. %hen 9y grand:ather 2i++ed hog(, he 5ut (a+t on the 9eat to 5re(er8e it. %ithout the (a+t the 9eat .ou+d (5oi+ and rot. Thi( .or+d i( 0ad enough, 0ut i: it .eren?t :or -hri(tian(, it 1ertain+y .ou+d 0e rotten. "2e are the salt of the earth3 but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted4 it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men" C'att. 5&1"D. Ha8e .e +o(t our (a8ourH %e 1an 1hange thing( 0y 5rayer. %e 1an ho+d 0a12 Gudg9ent e8en on the un(a8ed, and gi8e the9 a +itt+e 9ore o: a 1han1e to hear the Ao(5e+. Aod to+d 30raha9 that i: there .ere

Interceding for a #ation


ten righteou( to 0e :ound in Sodo9 and Ao9orrah, He .ou+d (5are the 1itie(. I 0e+ie8e there are 9ore than ten righteou( 9en in 39eri1a today. I 0e+ie8e there are 5eo5+e .ho .i++ ta2e their 5+a1e in 5rayer Gu(t a( 30raha9 did in inter1e((ion. I: .e .i++ do thi(, .e 1an 1hange thing(. 3nd it doe(n?t ta2e a great nu90er to do it. Too 9any ti9e( .e read ne.(5a5er arti1+e( and hear (er9on( a0out .hat the de8i+ i( doing. %e hear ho. terri0+e thing( are. Peo5+e ha8en?t to+d you a thing .hen they te++ you that. >ou 2ne. it a+ready. I: you go to 1hur1h and hear that 2ind o: (er9on, you go a.ay .ithout ha8ing eaten anything. I don?t 1are .hat the de8i+ i( doing. There are (o9e 5rin1i5+e( o: 5rayer .ritten in the Boo2 o: Aod that a55+y to u( today .here0y .e 1an 1hange thing(. So9e 5eo5+e de1+are, <The Bi0+e (ay( that in the end ti9e, ?... evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived1< C2 Ti9. "&1"D. Thi( i( true. Ho.e8er, the 5eo5+e o: Sodo9 and Ao9orrah .ere .a*ing .or(e and .or(e. >et Aod (aid :or the (a2e o: ten righteou( He .ou+d not de(troy the 1ity, 0e1au(e a 9an o: Aod had inter1eded in their 0eha+:. 3nother S1ri5ture 1on1erning inter1e((ion i( :ound in EFe2ie+ 22&"0,"1&
E7E8IEL 22:+0,+1 +0 And I so ght "or a #an a#ong the#, that sho (d #a)e 0 the hedge, and stand in the ga0 $e"ore #e "or the (and, that I sho (d not destro! it: $ t I "o nd none* +1 There"ore ha%e I 0o red o t #ine indignation 0on the#& I ha%e cons #ed the# 'ith the "ire o" #! 'rath: their o'n 'a! ha%e I reco#0ensed 0on their heads, saith the Lord God*

Aod (aid thi( 1on1erning I(rae+, yet there i( a (5iritua+ truth that a55+ie( to u( today. Aod (aid, <I sought for a man among them. .. but I found none" C8. "0D. I(n?t that a terri0+e indi1t9entH


'he Interceding (hristian

Aod had to+d 30raha9 that i: He :ound ten righteou( He .ou+d not de(troy the 1itie( o: Sodo9 and Ao9orrah. Thi( S1ri5ture ta+2( a0out a .ho+e 1ountry, a .ho+e nation. Aod (aid i: He 1ou+d :ind one righteou( 9an He .ou+dn?t de(troy the +and. )ne 9an 1ou+d (a8e the nation. I: Aod rea++y .anted to (5are the +and, .hy didn?t He Gu(t do itH %hy doe(n?t Aod Gu(t do .hat He .ant( to doH In Fir(t Ti9othy 2&# .e read that Aod .i++( a++ 9en (hou+d 1o9e unto the 2no.+edge o: the truth. I: He i( 3+9ighty, a++, and 1an do anything He .ant( to do, .hy doe(n?t He go ahead and (a8e e8eryoneH The an(.er i( :ound in the Boo2 o: Aene(i(. 3:ter Aod 9ade the earth and the :u++ne(( thereo:, He 9ade 9an. He then ga8e 3da9 do9inion o8er a++ the .or2( o: Hi( hand(, and 3da9 0e1a9e the ru+er o: thi( .or+d. Ho.e8er, 3da9 1o99itted high trea(on and (o+d out to Satan, Then Satan 0e1a9e the ru+er, the god o: thi( .or+d, and he 0egan to do9inate the earth. In Se1ond -orinthian( #&# Pau+ 1a++( Satan the god o: thi( .or+d& "In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of (hrist, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.< In the :ourth 1ha5ter o: @u2e .e read a0out the te95tation o: Be(u(.
L98E .:1-7 1 And the de%i(, ta)ing hi# 0 into an high #o ntain, she'ed nto hi# a(( the )ingdo#s o" the 'or(d in a #o#ent o" ti#e* 3 And the de%i( said nto hi#, A(( this 0o'er 'i(( I gi%e thee, and the g(or! o" the#: "or that is de(i%ered nto #e& and to 'ho#soe%er I 'i(( I gi%e it* 7 I" tho there"ore 'i(t 'orshi0 #e, a(( sha(( $e thine*

I: thi( .ere not true, Be(u( .ou+d ha8e 2no.n it. Ho.e8er, He didn?t di(5ute Satan in thi(. He 9ere+y (aid, < is written, 'hou shalt worship the 6ord thy God, and him only shalt thou

Interceding for a #ation


serve" C@u2e #&8D. Satan o::ered to Be(u( a++ the g+ory o: the 2ingdo9( o: thi( .or+d. I: he had not 0een a0+e to do thi(, then it .ou+d not ha8e 0een a rea+ te95tation. 3nd i: it had not 0een a 0ona :ide te95tation, then the Bi0+e .ou+d ha8e 0een +ying .hen it (aid Be(u( .a( te95ted o: the de8i+. Ho.e8er, the g+ory o: thi( .or+d was Satan?( to o::er, :or it 0e1a9e hi( .hen 3da9 (inned. There:ore, .ho i( re(5on(i0+e :or the .ar(, 9urder(, and 8io+en1e in the .or+dH The de8i+ i(. The(e don?t 1o9e :ro9 Aod. "8very good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning" CBa9e( 1&1 D. 3nd Aod 1an inter8ene on+y a( -hri(tian( (ee2 Hi( :a1e and a(2 Hi9 to 9o8e& < have not, because ye ask not" CBa9e( #&2D. Satan?( authority o8er 9atter( on the earth 1an on+y 0e o8er1o9e a( -hri(tian( 5ray and inter1ede in 0eha+: o: our 1ountry. Aod i( +oo2ing today :or (o9eone .ho .i++ "make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it.. .. < CEFe2. 22&"0D.

Chapter 2

Dealing With Strongholds

In the Boo2 o: /anie+ .e read a 5a((age o: S1ri5ture 1on1erning inter1e((ion that .i++ 0e a tre9endou( 1ha++enge to our 5rayer +i:e i: .e :u++y gra(5 it.
:ANIEL 10:2,+ 2 In those da!s I :anie( 'as #o rning ;"asting< three " (( 'ee)s* + I ate no 0(easant $read, neither ca#e "(esh nor 'ine in #! #o th, neither did I anoint #!se(" at a((, ti(( three 'ho(e 'ee)s 'ere " ("i((ed*

Thi( S1ri5ture 9a2e( it 1+ear there are di::erent .ay( to :a(t. Fa(ting doe(n?t a+.ay( 9ean tota+ a0(tinen1e :ro9 :ood. Noti1e /anie+ (aid, <I ate no pleasant 0read ....<
:ANIEL 10:10-1+ 10 And, $eho(d, an hand to ched #e, 'hich set #e 0on #! )nees and 0on the 0a(#s o" #! hands* 11 And he said nto #e, 6 :anie(, a #an great(! $e(o%ed, nderstand the 'ords that I s0ea) nto thee, and stand 0right: "or nto thee a# I no' sent* And 'hen he had s0o)en this 'ord nto #e, I stood tre#$(ing* 12 Then said he nto #e, =ear not, :anie(: "or "ro# the "irst da! that tho didst set thine heart to nderstand, and to chasten th!se(" $e"ore th! God, th! 'ords 'ere heard, and I a# co#e "or th! 'ords* 1+ B t the 0rince o" the )ingdo# o" /ersia 'ithstood #e one and t'ent! da!s: $ t, (o, >ichae(, one o" the chie" 0rinces, ca#e to he(0 #e& and I re#ained there 'ith the )ings o" /ersia*

Noti1e :ir(t o: a++ that the ange+ .a( not (ent :ro9 hea8en to /anie+ .ith the 9e((age unti+ /anie+ 5rayed. Aod (ent the an(.er on the :ir(t day. But the an(.er .a( t.enty-one day( in getting there. So9eti9e( .hen .e 5ray, the an(.er doe(n?t get 1#

,ealing !ith trongholds


through in(tant+y. That doe(n?t 9ean Aod doe(n?t hear u( or ha(n?t (ent the an(.er. He ha( (ent it, 0ut it doe(n?t get through. Jer(e 1" e*5+ain( that the 5rin1e o: Per(ia .ith(tood the ange+. The Bi0+e i( not ta+2ing here a0out a 5hy(i1a+ 5er(on. 3n ange+ i( not a 5hy(i1a+ 0eing= he i( a (5iritua+ 0eing. In other .ord(, there .a( on the earth an earth+y 2ingdo9 .ith a 5rin1e o: Per(ia heading it u5. But right a0o8e it in the hea8en+ie( .a( a (5iritua+ 2ingdo9. In that 2ingdo9 .a( a 5rin1e o: Per(ia .ho rea++y do9inated the go8ern9ent o: Per(ia. He didn?t .ant the ange+ to get through .ith the an(.er. The 9e((age the ange+ 0rought 1on1erning I(rae+ .a( that thi( 'edo-Per(ian 2ingdo9 .ou+d 0e di((o+8ed, the Are1ian 2ingdo9 .ou+d 1o9e, and :ina++y the 7o9an 2ingdo9 .ou+d 1o9e and ru+e o8er Beru(a+e9. %hen the 5rin1e o: Per(ia .ith(tood the ange+, Aod (ent another ange+, and :ina++y, on the t.enty-:ir(t day, he got through to /anie+ .ith the 9e((age. Noti1e .hat the ange+ (aid a( he +e:t hi9& < will I return to fight with the prince of 0ersia3 and when I am gone forth, lo, the prince of Grecia KAree1eL shall come" C/anie+ 10&20D. In E5he(ian( !&12 .e read, "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world against spiritual wickedness K.i12ed (5irit(L in high places.< There are three hea8en( (5o2en o: in the Bi0+e& the hea8en o: hea8en( .here Aod?( throne i(, the hea8en a0o8e u( .here the 5+anet( and (tar( are, and the at9o(5heri1 hea8en right a0o8e u(. The at9o(5heri1 hea8en i( the one thi( S1ri5ture re:er( to. In thi( un(een .or+d Satan ha( the authority. He i( ru+ing. That (hou+d 0e o08iou( to anyone. I .a( a9u(ed (o9e ti9e ago .hi+e reading an arti1+e 0y a 1o+u9ni(t. He didn?t 1+ai9 to 0e a -hri(tian. Ho.e8er, he didn?t 1+ai9 to 0e an athei(t either. He (aid, <'ay0e you .ou+d 1a++ 9e an agno(ti1. 3n agno(ti1 (ay(, ?I: there i( a Aod, I don?t 2no. it.? >et I don?t rea++y 1+a((i:y


'he Interceding (hristian

9y(e+: a( an agno(ti1 0e1au(e I 0e+ie8e there i( a Aod. But I 1an?t go a+ong .ith .hat a +ot o: 5eo5+e, e8en -hri(tian(, (ay a0out Aod. I?8e heard 5rea1her( (ay Aod i( running e8erything. Ho.e8er, i: He i(, He?( (ure got thing( in a 9e((I< That 1o+u9ni(t ha( a 5oint. I: Aod i( running e8erything, He doe( ha8e thing( in a 9e((. Ho.e8er, Satan (et u5 hi( 2ingdo9 here on the earth in the (5irit rea+9 .hen 3da9 (o+d out to hi9. He (et u5 the, the 5rin1i5a+itie(, and the ru+er( o: dar2ne(( o: thi( .or+d that .e ha8e to dea+ .ith. 3nd thi( i( .here .e .re(t+e in 9a2ing inter1e((ion. It?( not .ith Aod. Aod i( not .ithho+ding :ro9 u(. The S1ri5ture (ay(, "!e wrestle not against flesh and blood,< 0ut .e do ha8e to .re(t+e. It doe(n?t Gu(t (ay, "!e wrestle not...< and (to5 there. "!e wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world...< CE5h. !&12D. 3( -hri(tian(, .e (i95+y ha8e to (tand our ground, 2no. .hat 0e+ong( to u(, and re:u(e to 0e 9o8ed. Tho(e .ho e*5e1t to :+oat through +i:e on :+o.ery 0ed( o: ea(e are 9i(ta2en. I a9 a55a++ed at -hri(tian( .ho (ay, <%hy did thi( ha55en to 9eH< So9e 5eo5+e a1t +i2e they are the on+y one( thing( ha55en to. But the de8i+ .i++ thro. e8ery road0+o12 he 1an in the -hri(tian?( .ay. In(tead o: (5ending a++ your ti9e trying to :igure out .hy a 1ertain thing ha55ened, (tand u5, +oo2 the de8i+ right in the :a1e, and (ay, <'r. /e8i+, I 0e+ie8e Aod, that it (ha++ 0e e8en a( it .a( to+d 9e in Aod?( %ordI >ou are not going to do9inate 9eI< That?( the rea(on Pau+ to+d the -hur1h at E5he(u(, "#either give place to the devil" CE5h. #&2 D. He .i++ ta2e a 5+a1e in you i: you .i++ +et hi9, 0ut you 1an ha8e authority o8er hi9. In EFe2ie+ 28 .e (ee 9ore a0out thi( dou0+e 2ingdo9;the natura+ 2ingdo9 u5on the earth and the (5iritua+ 2ingdo9.
E7E8IEL 28:1,2 1 The 'ord o" the Lord ca#e again nto #e, sa!ing,

,ealing !ith trongholds 2 Son o" #an, sa! nto the 0rince o" T!r s, Th s saith the Lord God& Beca se thine heart is (i"ted 0, and tho hast said, I a# a God, I sit in the seat o" God, in the #idst o" the seas& !et tho art a #an, and not God, tho gh tho set thine heart as the heart o" God*


The 5rin1e o: Tyru( re:erred to here i( a 9an, :or the @ord (aid, <>et thou art a 9an.< Then 0eginning .ith the e+e8enth 8er(e .e read&
E7E8IEL 28:11-17 11 >oreo%er the 'ord o" the Lord ca#e nto #e, sa!ing, 12 Son o" #an, ta)e 0 a (a#entation 0on the )ing o" T!r s, and sa! nto hi#, Th s saith the Lord God& Tho sea(est 0 the s #, " (( o" 'isdo#, and 0er"ect in $ea t!* 1+ Tho hast $een in Eden the garden o" God& e%er! 0recio s stone 'as th! co%ering, the sardi s, to0a?, and the dia#ond, the $er!(, the on!@, and the Aas0er, the sa00hire, the e#era(d, and the car$ nc(e, and go(d: the 'or)#anshi0 o" th! ta$rets and o" th! 0i0es 'as 0re0ared in thee in the da! that tho 'ast created* 1. Tho art the anointed cher $ that co%ereth& and I ha%e set thee so: tho 'ast 0on the ho(! #o ntain o" God& tho hast 'a()ed 0 and do'n in the #idst o" the stones o" "ire* 11 Tho 'ast 0er"ect in th! 'a!s "ro# the da! that tho 'ast created, ti(( iniB it! 'as "o nd in thee* 13 B! the # (tit de o" th! #erchandise the! ha%e "i((ed the #idst o" thee 'ith %io(ence, and tho hast sinned: there"ore I 'i(( cast thee as 0ro"ane o t o" the #o ntain o" God: and I 'i(( destro! thee, 6 co%ering cher $, "ro# the #idst o" the stones o" "ire* 17 Thine heart 'as (i"ted 0 $eca se o" th! $ea t!, tho hast corr 0ted th! 'isdo# $! reason o" th! $rightness: I 'i(( cast thee to the gro nd, I 'i(( (a!


'he Interceding (hristian thee $e"ore )ings, that the! #a! $eho(d thee*

It i( Euite o08iou( here that Aod i( not ta+2ing a0out a 9an. He i( ta+2ing a0out a (5irit 0eing. 3t :ir(t he (5ea2( o: the 5rin1e o: Tyru(, (aying to hi9, "2et thou art a man.< But .hen He (5o2e to the 2ing o: Tyru( He (aid, "'hou hast been in 8den, the garden of God. <The 5rin1e o: Tyru( .a( not there= 0ut Satan .a(. The Bi0+e here i( ta+2ing a0out Satan, or @u1i:er. It i( (aying that on earth the 5rin1e o: Tyru( had an earth+y 2ingdo9 he ru+ed o8er, 0ut that an in8i(i0+e 2ingdo9 .a( 0ehind it. Satan .ith hi( in8i(i0+e 2ingdo9 .a( a1tua++y ru+ing. So .e (ee thi( dou0+e 2ingdo9 re:eren1e 0oth in thi( S1ri5ture in EFe2ie+ and in our S1ri5ture in the Boo2 o: /anie+. In Se1ond -orinthian( 10&#,5 .e read&
2 C6CINTDIANS 10:.,1 . E=or the 'ea0ons o" o r 'ar"are are not carna(, $ t #ight! thro gh God to the 0 ((ing do'n o" strong ho(ds&F 1 Casting do'n i#aginations, and e%er! high thing that e@a(teth itse(" against the )no'(edge o" God, and $ringing into ca0ti%it! e%er! tho ght to the o$edience o" Christ*

In thi( (5iritua+ .ar, .e do ha8e .ea5on(, 0ut they are not gun( or grenade(. )ur .ea5on( "are not carnal, but they are mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds.< The o55o(ing u( are (atani1 (trongho+d(= in the rea+9 o: dar2ne((. Thi( i( .here 5rayer 1o9e( in. I he+d a re8i8a+ in a 1hur1h :or a 5a(tor .ho9 I 2ne., +o8ed, and re(5e1ted. The 5eo5+e in the 1hur1h .ere .onder:u+ 5eo5+e, +o8ed their 5a(tor, +o8ed 9e, and .ere re1e5ti8e to the 5rea1hing o: the %ord. But thi( .a( the harde(t 5+a1e I had e8er 5rea1hed in 9y +i:e. E8ery .ord (ee9ed to 0oun1e right 0a12 at 9e o:: the .a++(. In the 5ro1e(( o: ti9e, .hi+e I .a( 0et.een 9eeting(, I .a( 1a++ed u5on to 5rea1h in that 1hur1h again. It .a( the (a9e

,ealing !ith trongholds


1ro.d, 0ut there .a( a 9ar2ed di::eren1e. There .a( a( 9u1h di::eren1e a( 0et.een day+ight and dar2. 3:ter the (er8i1e the ne. 5a(tor a(2ed i: I 1ou+d (ee any di::eren1e in the 1hur1h. <%a( it any ea(ier to 5rea1h tonight than it .a( 0e:oreH< <%hy, there i( no 1o95ari(on,< I an(.ered. <E8erything .a( (o :ree and ea(y tonight, .herea( 0e:ore it (ee9ed 0ound and tight;(5iritua++y dead. %hat ha55enedH< <I?d 0een here :or 9onth(,< the 5a(tor (aid, <and :ina++y I de1ided I .a( tired o: that dead (5irit. I deter9ined I .a( going to 0rea2 through it. I (et 9y(e+: to :a(t and 5ray :or that one thing. <)n the (e8enth day o: the :a(t, .hi+e 5raying, I had a 8i(ion, and 0e:ore 9y eye( I (a. the 1ei+ing a0o8e the 5u+5it di(a55ear. Sitting a0o8e the 1ei+ing on a ra:ter .a( a (5irit that +oo2ed +i2e a 0ig a5e or 0a0oon. Aod .a( ( 9e there .a( a (5irit right a0o8e the natura+ that .a( ho+ding thing( 0a12. <I (5o2e to the (5irit and 1o99anded hi9 to 1o9e do.n. He didn?t (ay a .ord, 0ut I 1ou+d te++ he didn?t .ant to. 7e+u1tant+y, he 1a9e do.n. Then I (aid, ?Not on+y 9u(t you 1o9e do.n :ro9 there, 0ut you 9u(t get out o: here,? and I 5ointed u5 the ai(+e o: the 1hur1h. He (tarted u5 the ai(+e, and I :o++o.ed hi9. He .ou+d ta2e a :e. (te5( and turn around, a+9o(t +i2e a +itt+e dog .ith an e*5re((ion that (aid, ?/o I ha8e to +ea8eH -an I 1o9e 0a12H? <%hen he .ou+d 5au(e, I .ou+d (ay, ?No, get out o: here,? and I :o++o.ed hi9 to the :ront door o: the 1hur1h. There he 5au(ed on1e again. I 2e5t 1o99anding hi9 to go out and :ina++y he .a+2ed on do.n the (treet and di(a55eared into a night 1+u0.< So9eti9e( in dea+ing .ith 5eo5+e a( .e++ a( .ith 1hur1he(, I ha8e dea+t .ith the (5irit 0ehind the 5er(on. ):ten in 5rayer Aod .i++ (ho. you ho. to do it, Gu(t a( He did the 5a(tor. But i: .e don?t 2no. anything a0out (5iritua+ 5raying, .e are at a


'he Interceding (hristian

di(ad8antage. 'any ti9e( .e 0+a9e thing( on people .hen there i( a power 0ehind the .ho+e (ituation. %e try to dea+ .ith the people. So9eti9e( a 5rea1her .i++ get u5 and 0eat the 5eo5+e o8er the head .hen it i( the 0ehind the thing that need( to 0e dea+t .ith. %ho i( going to dea+ .ith the(e (atani1 :or1e(H AodH No. Se1ond -orinthian( 10&#,5 (ay( the(e are the .ea5on( o: our .ar:are, not Aod?( .ar:are. )ur .ea5on( are not 1arna+, 0ut they are 9ighty through Aod. He ha( 5ro8ided the .ea5on( :or u( to 5u++ do.n the (trongho+d(. I: .e don?t do it, they ne8er .i++ 0e 5u++ed do.n. %hen /anie+ .a( inter1eding :or I(rae+, he (et hi( :a1e to (ee2 Aod. The ange+ 1a9e and (aid&
:ANIEL 10:1+,1. 1+ B t the 0rince o" the )ingdo# o" /ersia 'ithstood #e one and t'ent! da!s: $ t, (o, >ichae(, one o" the chie" 0rinces, ca#e to he(0 #e& and I re#ained there 'ith the )ings o" /ersia* 1. No' I a# co#e to #a)e thee nderstand 'hat sha(( $e"a(( th! 0eo0(e in the (atter da!s: "or !et the %ision is "or #an! da!s*

The ange+ 0rought the an(.er. He 1a9e through .ith it. But the 2ey .a( /anie+. The 2ey .a(n?t Aod. The 2ey .a(n?t the ange+. The 2ey .a(n?t the 5rin1e o: Per(ia. The 2ey to the .ho+e (ituation .a( /anie+. He .a( the 9an .ho 0rought thing( to 5a(( through 5er(e8ering 5rayer.

Chapter 3

Praying With the Help of the Holy Spirit
6ikewise the pirit also helpeth our infirmities3 for we know not what we should pray for as we ought3 but the pirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. *nd he that searcheth the hearts knoweth what is the mind of the pirit, because he maketh intercession for the saints according to the will of God. ;7o9an( 8&2!,2

In the a0o8e S1ri5ture, Pau+ (ay(, "for we know not what we should pray for as we ought.< Fro9 our (tudy in -ha5ter 1, .e 2no. .e (hou+d 5ray :or <...kings, and for all that are in authority" C1 Ti9. 2&2D= that i(, the ru+er( o: our nation. The S5irit .i++ he+5 u( 5ray a11ording to the .i++ o: Aod. In Fir(t -orinthian( 1# Pau+ (ay(&
1 C6CINTDIANS 1.:1.,11 1. =or i" I 0ra! in an n)no'n tong e, #! s0irit 0ra!eth, $ t #! nderstanding is n"r it" (* 11 ,hat is it then- I 'i(( 0ra! 'ith the ;#!< s0irit, and I 'i(( 0ra! 'ith the ;#!< nderstanding a(so: I 'i(( sing 'ith the ;#!< s0irit, and I 'i(( sing 'ith the ;#!< nderstanding a(so*

%hen Pau+ (5ea2( here a0out our under(tanding, he i( re:erring to our 9ind(. He i( ta+2ing a0out t.o 2ind( o: 5raying& mental 5raying and spiritual 5raying. There i( a di::eren1e 0et.een the t.o. Peo5+e u(ua++y thin2 a++ 5raying i( (5iritua+, 0ut it i(n?t. There:ore Pau+ (aid, "If I pray in an unknown tongue, my spirit 21


'he Interceding (hristian

prayeth" C8. 1#D. He .a( 5raying .ith hi( (5irit. I: he had 5rayed .ith hi( under(tanding, he .ou+d ha8e 0een 5raying :ro9 hi( 9ind. Aod .ant( u( to 5ray in the S5irit, 0ut He a+(o .ant( u( to 5ray .ith our under(tanding. That i( .hy Pau+ (aid, "I will pray with the spirit, and I will pray with the understanding also" C8. 15D. In 'he *mplified 9ible .e are to+d, <For i: I 5ray in an Kun2no.nL tongue, 9y (5irit K0y the Ho+y S5irit .ithin 9eL 5ray(< C8. 1#D. %hen you 5ray .ith tongue(, it i( the Ho+y S5irit .ithin you gi8ing you the utteran1e, 0ut it i( your (5irit doing the 5raying. 'enta+ 5raying;5raying .ith your under(tanding;i( +i9ited to your 2no.+edge, to your under(tanding. %e 1an (ee .hy it .ou+d 0e in(u::i1ient. The -hur1h, genera++y (5ea2ing, ha( :ai+ed 0e1au(e :or the 9o(t 5art it ha( endea8ored to 1arry on the .or2 o: Aod .ith on+y one 2ind o: 5raying& 9enta+ 5raying. "6ikewise the pirit also helpeth our infirmities3 for we know not what we should pray for as we ought" C7o9. 8&2!D. It .ou+d 0e i95o((i0+e :or u( in our hu9an rea(oning to 2no. .hat to 5ray :or a( .e ought. ): 1our(e, I .ou+d 2no. a0out thing( that 1on1ern 9e. But 5raying :or our o.n indi8idua+ need( i( +i9ited 5raying, and that i( a( :ar a( 9any 5eo5+e e8er go. "'he pirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered" C7o9. 8&2!D. 311ording to the +ate P. -. Ne+(on, the +itera+ Aree2 tran(+ation indi1ate(, <groaning( .hi1h 1annot 0e uttered in arti1u+ate (5ee1h.< 3rti1u+ate (5ee1h 9ean( our ordinary (5ee1h. Thi( 8er(e i( re:erring to 5raying .ith tongue(, :or Pau+ i( te++ing the -orinthian( and the 7o9an( the (a9e thing. In other .ord(, tho(e groaning( that .e++ u5 in(ide u( .hi+e .e are in 5rayer 1o9e out o: our (5irit. They 1annot 0e 5ut into regu+ar (5ee1h. Thi( i(n?t (o9ething the Ho+y S5irit doe( a5art :ro9 you. It i( (o9ething the Ho+y S5irit he+5( you do. The Ho+y S5irit

0raying !ith the %elp of the %oly pirit


.a(n?t (ent to the earth to do anything 0y Hi9(e+: a5art :ro9 the -hur1h. He .a( (ent to u( to do thing(. In Bohn 1#&1! Be(u( (aid, <...I will pray the Father and he will send you another (omforter....< In 9any tran(+ation( thi( S1ri5ture read(, <I .i++ (end you another He+5er< rather than -o9:orter. The he+5er on any Go0 i( not the one responsible :or the Go0. He?( there to help the one .ho i( (u55o(ed to do the Go0. 'he %oly pirit is not going to do your praying for you. The(e groaning( are not the Ho+y S5irit?( groaning(, 0ut groaning( .hi1h 1annot 0e uttered in arti1u+ate (5ee1h. They are groaning( that 1o9e :ro9 .ithin your inner9o(t 0eing and e(1a5e your +i5( in 5rayer. That i( the S5irit he+5ing you to 5ray. That agree( e*a1t+y .ith .hat Pau+ (ay(& "For if I pray in an unknown tongue, my spirit K0y the Ho+y S5irit .ithin 9eLprayeth" C1 -or. 1#&1#D. Aroaning in 5rayer and (5ea2ing .ith tongue( i( the Ho+y S5irit he+5ing u( to 5ray. )ne o: the 9ightie(t .ea5on( to 0e u(ed in 5rayer i( 5raying in tongue(. In 1onne1tion .ith thi(, noti1e (o9ething e+(e 1on1erning (5iritua+ tra8ai+ and 5rayer& the t.o are re+ated. %riting to a++ the 1hur1he( throughout Aa+atia, Pau+ (aid, ":y little children, of whom I travail in birth again until (hrist be formed in you" CAa+. #&19D. Pau+ a+ready had tra8ai+ed :or the9 to 0e 0irthed, 0ut he 1ontinued to 5ray :or the9 in the S5irit :or their (5iritua+ They had 0een 0orn again. They .ere e8en :i++ed .ith the S5irit. But -hri(t had not 0een :or9ed in the9 a( He (hou+d. They had not gro.n in gra1e. In(tead o: going :or.ard in -hri(t, they had .anted to get 0a12 under the +a.. In I(aiah !!&8,9 .e read&
ISAIAD 33:8,4 8 ,ho hath heard s ch a thing- 'ho hath seen s ch things- Sha(( the earth $e #ade to $ring "orth in one da!- or sha(( a nation $e $orn at once- "or as soon as 7ion tra%ai(ed, she $ro ght "orth her chi(dren* 4 Sha(( I $ring to the $irth, and not ca se to $ring


'he Interceding (hristian "orth- saith the Lord: sha(( I ca se to $ring "orth, and sh t the 'o#$- saith th! God*

'any thin2 thi( S1ri5ture Gu(t re:er( to the re0irth and re0ui+ding o: I(rae+ a( a nation a( .e ha8e (een it. Ho.e8er, I(aiah .a( 5ro5he(ying a0out (o9ething di::erent, a( .e (ha++ (ee in the ne*t S1ri5ture. %riting to the He0re. -hri(tian(, Pau+ (aid&
DEBCE,S 12:18-21 18 =or !e ;the De$re' Christians< are not co#e nto the #o nt ;re"erring to >o nt Sinai 'here the (a' 'as gi%en to >oses< that #ight $e to ched, and that $ rned 'ith "ire, nor nto $(ac)ness, and dar)ness, and te#0est, 14 And the so nd o" a tr #0et, and the %oice o" 'ords& 'hich %oice the! that heard intreated that the 'ord sho (d not $e s0o)en to the# an! #ore: 20 E=or the! co (d not end re that 'hich 'as co##anded, And i" so # ch as a $east to ch the #o ntain, it sha(( $e stoned, or thr st thro gh 'ith a dart: 21 And so terri$(e 'as the sight, that >oses said, I e@ceeding(! "ear and B a)e:F

The(e 8er(e( re:er to 'ount Sinai .here the +a. .a( gi8en= they 1on1ern I(rae+. >et to the He0re. -hri(tian( .ho had 0e1o9e 0orn-again 0e+ie8er(, Pau+ (aid, "9ut ye are come unto :ount ion.< He .a( te++ing the9, <>ou are not 1o9e to 'ount Sinai. >ou are 1o9e to 'ount Mion.< 3nd o: 'ount Mion he (ay(&
DEBCE,S 12:22-2. 22 ;Go are co#e< nto the cit! o" the (i%ing God, the hea%en(! 2er sa(e#, and to an inn #era$(e co#0an! o" ange(s, 2+ To the genera( asse#$(! and ch rch o" the "irst$orn, 'hich are 'ritten in hea%en, and to God the

0raying !ith the %elp of the %oly pirit 2 dge o" a((, and to the s0irits o" A st #en #ade 0er"ect, 2. And to 2es s the #ediator o" the ne' co%enant, and to the $(ood o" s0rin)(ing, that s0ea)eth $etter things than that o" A$e(*


There:ore, .e (ee that .hen I(aiah .a( 5ro5he(ying a0out 'ount Mion, he .a( ta+2ing a0out a++ .ho 0e+ie8e in -hri(t. %ith that thought in 9ind, +et u( re:er again to our S1ri5ture in I(aiah, :or it .i++ ta2e on a ne. (igni:i1an1e.
ISAIAD 33:8,4 8 ***"or as soon as 7ion tra%ai(ed, she $ro ght "orth her chi(dren* 4 Sha(( I $ring to the $irth, and not ca se to $ring "orth- saith the Lord: sha(( I ca se to $ring "orth, and sh t the 'o#$- saith th! God*

Pau+, .riting to the 1hur1he( in Aa+atia, (aid, ":y little children, of whom I travail in birth again" CAa+. #&19D. Thi( 9eant that he had tra8ai+ed :or the9 at one ti9e in 0irth. No. he tra8ai+ed that -hri(t 9ight 0e :or9ed in the9. In +ight o: the 5a((age( o: S1ri5ture .e ha8e Gu(t (tudied, the 8er(e( in 7o9an( 8&2!,2 .i++ ta2e on ne. (igni:i1an1e.
C6>ANS 8:23,27 23 Li)e'ise the S0irit a(so he(0eth o r in"ir#ities: "or 'e )no' not 'hat 'e sho (d 0ra! "or as 'e o ght: $ t the S0irit itse(" #a)eth intercession "or s 'ith groanings 'hich cannot $e ttered* 27 And he that searcheth the hearts )no'eth 'hat is the #ind o" the S0irit, $eca se he #a)eth intercession "or the saints according to the 'i(( o" God*

%hen a .o9an gi8e( 0irth to a 1hi+d Can i++u(tration .hi1h 0oth I(aiah and Pau+ u(edD (he tra8ai+( in 0irth. She groan(. The rea(on that too :e. 5eo5+e are 0eing (a8ed and that a +ot o: 1on8er(ion( ne8er a9ount to anything i( that Aod doe(n?t .ant 1on8er(ion(= He .ant( 0irth(. 3( (oon a( Mion tra8ai+ed, (he


'he Interceding (hristian

0rought :orth her 1hi+dren. If there is no travail, there are no children. /o .e 2no. anything a0out tra8ai+, groaning(H So9e o: u( 2no. a +itt+e a0out it. But 9any 2no. nothing. In (o9e 1hur1he( i: 0e+ie8er( .ou+d 0egin to groan and 1ry at the a+tar, it .ou+d di(tur0 5eo5+e. They .ou+d (ay, <%e?re not going to ha8e any o: that around here.< Then they are not going to ha8e any 0irth(, either. So9e o: the greate(t thing( that ha8e ha55ened to 9e in 9y 9ini(try 1a9e a( I 5rayed thi( .ay .ith (5iritua+ inter1e((ion. It .i++ .or2 no. Gu(t a( it did in day( 5a(t. Aod?( %ord doe(n?t 1hange. 3nd Gu(t a( (ure+y a( .e tra8ai+ in 5rayer, .e .i++ gi8e 0irth to 0a0e( in -hri(t. No. .e 1an a+(o 9a2e inter1e((ion :or the (aint( in thi( .ay. 7e9e90er Pau+ to+d the Aa+atian(, ":y little children, of whom I travail in birth again until (hrist be formed in you" CAa+. #&19D. In other .ord(, he tra8ai+ed in 5rayer :or the9 unti+ they gre. u5 to 0e ( -hri(tian( rather than 0a0y -hri(tian(. In a 9eeting I .a( ho+ding in /a++a(, Te*a(, a young .o9an 1a9e :or.ard and ga8e her heart to the @ord. She had a g+oriou( e*5erien1e, 0ut in a (hort ti9e (he :e++ a.ay :ro9 the 1hur1h and I +ater heard (he .a( 0a12(+idden. %hen I heard that, (o9ething on the in(ide o: 9e (ee9ed to (ay, <Thi( 1hur1h i( re(5on(i0+e.< 3t the ti9e I didn?t under(tand ho. the 1hur1h 1ou+d 0e re(5on(i0+e :or the gir+?( 0a12(+iding. Ho.e8er, +ater a( thi( S1ri5ture .a( 9ade rea+ to 9e, I (a. ho. the 1hur1h .a( re(5on(i0+e to "travail in birth again until (hrist be formed" C8. 19D in thi( ne. 1on8ert. $nti+ -hri(t ha( 0een :or9ed in the ne. 0e+ie8er, he .i++ natura++y 2ee5 doing (o9e thing( that are .rong, e8en though he ha( 0een (a8ed and :i++ed .ith the Ho+y S5irit. The Bi0+e tea1he( there i( a (i9i+arity 0et.een (5iritua+ and 5hy(i1a+ No one i( 0orn a :u++-gro.n hu9an.

0raying !ith the %elp of the %oly pirit


%e are 0orn 0a0ie( and .e gro. u5. Neither i( one 0orn a :u++gro.n -hri(tian. He i( 0orn a 0a0y and then gro.( u5. 3( 9ini(ter( and tea1her( .e are re(5on(i0+e to tea1h ne. -hri(tian(. Peter (aid, "*s newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby" C1 Peter 2&2D. )n the other hand, the %ord o: Aod tea1he( that .e 9u(t 5ray :or 0a0y -hri(tian(. Pau+ taught the Aa+atian( and 5rayed :or the9, too. Hi( +etter to the9 .a( :u++ o: tea1hing and in(tru1tion. But he a+(o (aid there 9u(t 0e 5rayer;tra8ai+;:or the9. %hi+e ho+ding a re8i8a+ in a (9a++ 1hur1h in )2+aho9a in 1950, I to+d the 5eo5+e one night that the @ord had i95re((ed 9e to te++ the9 (o9ething. I to+d the9 that i: they, a( 0e+ie8er(, .ou+d gi8e the9(e+8e( to (5iritua+ tra8ai+ and inter1e((ory 5rayer, they .ou+d ta2e that to.n :or -hri(t. 3t that ti9e their Sunday S1hoo+ attendan1e .a( a0out 1"5. 3 :e. 9en and .o9en in that 1ongregation too2 that to heart and 0egan to gi8e the9(e+8e( to inter1eding;groaning and 5raying :or that to.n a( they .ere 9o8ed u5on 0y the Ho+y S5irit. @e(( than t.o year( +ater I returned to that 1hur1h to (ee a dra9ati1 1hange. )rigina++y, the 9e90er( had 9et in an o+d :ra9e 0ui+ding. But no. they had the on+y 0ri12 1hur1h in to.n. They .ere +o1ated right do.nto.n, a1ro(( the (treet :ro9 the 0an2. They had a t.o-(tory Sunday S1hoo+ anne*, an auditoriu9 that .ou+d (eat 500-!00 5eo5+e 1o9:orta0+y, and they .ere a8eraging #00 in Sunday (1hoo+. Their( .a( the +arge(t 1hur1h in to.n, and thi( .a( a11o95+i(hed 0y 5rayer. So9eti9e( you 1an do thing( .ith a 1hur1h 5rogra9, 0ut that doe(n?t ne1e((ari+y 9ean you are 0ringing 5eo5+e to 0irth. %e 1an ha8e a++ 2ind( o: 5rogra9( to get 5eo5+e to 1hur1h, 0ut that doe(n?t 9ean .e .i++ get the9 (a8ed. %e 1an get the9 to Goin the 1hur1h, 0ut that doe(n?t 9ean they are 0orn again. I 2no. :ro9 e*5erien1e that .hen I ha8e a 0urden o: 5rayer


'he Interceding (hristian

:or a +o(t 5er(on, I :ee+ the (a9e a( they do. I a9 ta2ing their 5+a1e. I :ee+ that (a9e 0urden o: (in on 9y o.n 1on(1ien1e, it (ee9(. Peo5+e ha8e (aid to 9e, <I 2no. I?9 (a8ed, I?9 :i++ed .ith the Ho+y S5irit, and I?9 .a+2ing in a++ the +ight I ha8e. But 9any ti9e( .hen the a+tar 1a++ i( gi8en, (u1h a 0urden 1o9e( on 9e I :ee+ a( i: I?9 +o(t. I don?t under(tand.< They ne8er ha8e 0een taught a+ong the(e +ine(. I te++ the9 to (it Euiet+y during the a+tar 1a++ .hen they :ee+ (u1h a 0urden, and to 9a2e inter1e((ion :or the +o(t. Aod i( .anting the9 to inter1ede :or the un(a8ed. Be1au(e 1ertain 5eo5+e ha8e 0een young in (5iritua+ thing(, the de8i+ ha( 9ade the9 0e+ie8e in their natura+ 9ind that 5erha5( they .eren?t (a8ed. They 1ou+d not under(tand .hy they had (u1h an o8er.he+9ing :ee+ing at ti9e(. %e need 9ore o: thi( 2ind o: 5raying, and .hen .e ha8e it .e .i++ get 9ore 5eo5+e (a8ed= :or .hen Mion tra8ai+ed, (he 0rought :orth 1hi+dren. There:ore, don?t dra. 0a12 i: the Ho+y S5irit 9o8e( u5on you in groaning(= re(5ond to Hi9. %ith thi( 2ind o: 5raying .e .on?t need a++ the e+a0orate 9ethod( u(ed 0y (o9e 1hur1he( to attra1t 5eo5+e. So9e 5ut on e8ery 2ind o: 5rogra9 i9agina0+e and u(e nu9erou( gi99i12(, thin2ing thi( i( the .ay to rea1h 5eo5+e. They u(e e8ery 2ind o: .ea5on e*1e5t (5iritua+ .ea5on(. -har+e( A. Finney (tand( out a( one o: the greate(t e*5onent( o: e8ange+i(9 (in1e the day( o: the 35o(t+e Pau+. 3++ theo+ogian( and 1hur1h hi(torian( agree that Finney had the greate(t (u11e(( o: any indi8idua+ 5rea1her (in1e the day( o: Pau+. Further9ore, in Finney?( re8i8a+( 80 5er1ent o: a++ hi( 1on8ert( (tayed (a8ed. In no other re8i8a+ (in1e the day( o: Pau+ ha( thi( 0een true. 'oody .a( 9ighti+y u(ed o: Aod. >et 1hur1h hi(torian( agree that not 9ore than 50 5er1ent o: hi( 1on8ert( re9ained. Sin1e the turn o: the 1entury .e ha8e (een a great re8i8a+ in

0raying !ith the %elp of the %oly pirit


the Pente1o(ta+ 9o8e9ent. >et Pente1o(ta+ +eader(, 0oth 5a(t and 5re(ent, agree that not e8en 50 5er1ent o: the 1on8ert( re9ain true to Aod. No one ha( had the (u11e(( Finney had. >et he ne8er u(ed any 2ind o: gi99i12. He didn?t re+y on (en(ationa+i(9= he de5ended (o+e+y u5on 5rayer. In hi( auto0iogra5hy .e read that .hen Finney .ou+d go into a to.n :or a re8i8a+, a+9o(t the entire to.n .ou+d turn to Aod. 3:ter one (u1h re8i8a+ in .hi1h 5ra1ti1a++y the entire 1ity .a( 1on8erted, the on+y theater in to.n had to 1+o(e do.n 0e1au(e no one attended. 3++ the <grog< (ho5(, Finney?( ter9 :or .hat .e 2no. today a( 0eer Goint(, a+(o had to 1+o(e do.n a:ter the re8i8a+. %hat .a( the (e1ret o: Finney?( (u11e((H He (aid, <There i( no 9ore (e1ret, no 9ore 9y(tery to ha8ing a re8i8a+ than there i( to a :ar9er?( rea5ing a 1ro5. I: the :ar9er ti++( the (oi+, 5ut( the (eed in the ground, and tru(t( Aod :or the rain, then .hen the ti9e 1o9e( there .i++ 0e a har8e(t.< Finney had an e+der+y 9an .or2ing .ith hi9 .ho .a( (e9iretired :ro9 the 9ini(try. Peo5+e 1a++ed hi9 <Father Na(h.< Father Na(h .ou+d go ahead o: Finney three .ee2( in ad8an1e o: a 5+anned re8i8a+ to try to get t.o or three 5eo5+e to enter into a 1o8enant o: 5rayer .ith hi9. So9eone a(2ed Finney .hat 2ind o: 9an thi( Father Na(h .a(. <%e ne8er (ee hi9,< they (aid. <He doe(n?t enter into any o: the 9eeting(.< Finney re5+ied, <@i2e any0ody .ho doe( a +ot o: 5raying, Father Na(h i( a 8ery Euiet 5er(on.< Sho. 9e a 5er(on .ho i( a+.ay( ta+2ing and I?++ (ho. you a -hri(tian .ho ne8er doe( 9u1h 5raying. <)n one o11a(ion .hen I got to a to.n to (tart a re8i8a+,< Finney (aid, <a +ady .ho ran a 0oarding hou(e 1onta1ted 9e. She (aid, ?Brother Finney, do you 2no. a Father Na(hH He and t.o other 9en ha8e 0een at 9y 0oarding hou(e :or the +a(t three day(, 0ut they ha8en?t eaten a 0ite o: :ood. I o5ened the door and 5ee5ed in at the9 0e1au(e I 1ou+d hear the9 groaning, and I (a.


'he Interceding (hristian

the9 do.n on their :a1e(. They ha8e 0een thi( .ay :or three day(, +ying 5ro(trate on the :+oor and groaning. I thought (o9ething a.:u+ 9u(t ha8e ha55ened to the9. I .a( a:raid to go in and I didn?t 2no. .hat to do. %ou+d you 5+ea(e 1o9e (ee a0out the9H? <?No, it i(n?t ne1e((ary,? I re5+ied. ?They Gu(t ha8e a (5irit o: tra8ai+ in 5rayer.?< Finney 5rayed 9u1h hi9(e+:. 7i(ing e8ery 9orning at # o?1+o12, he .ou+d go out into the 1ountry and 5ray unti+ 8 o?1+o12. 3( .e +oo2 again at the S1ri5ture( in 7o9an( 8&2! and 2 in a +itt+e 9ore detai+, .e (ee ho. they a+(o re+ate to tra8ai+ in 5rayer on the 0eha+: o: other(. There are (o9e .ho .i++ 0e (a8ed 0e1au(e they hear the truth and re(5ond to it. 9ut there are others who never will be saved unless somebody intercedes for them. )n+y inter1e((ory 5rayer .i++ 0rea2 the o: the de8i+ o8er the9 and re+ea(e the9. There are 5eo5+e .ho .i++ 0e hea+ed 0y (i95+y 0e+ie8ing .hat Aod?( %ord ha( to (ay on the (u0Ge1t and 0y a55ro5riating hea+ing unto the9(e+8e(. Thi( i( .hat I did .hen I .a( rai(ed u5 :ro9 .hat do1tor( (aid .a( 9y death0ed. So9e .i++ 0e hea+ed 0y the +aying on o: hand( and anointing .ith oi+. But (o9e (u1h a( un(a8ed 5eo5+e or 0a0y -hri(tian( .ho don?t 2no. their right( in -hri(t .i++ ne8er 0e hea+ed 0y any o: the(e 9ethod(. So9e0ody .i++ ha8e to 5ray :or the9. Prayer and tra8ai+ on the 0eha+: o: other( .or2(. The(e other thing(, (u1h a( +aying on o: hand(, reEuire the indi8idua+?( dire1t 1oo5eration. But 5re8ai+ing 5rayer the .or2( o: the de8i+;"to the pulling down of strong holds" C2 -or. 10&#D. 3 Pre(0yterian 5a(tor to+d 9e a0out a 9e90er o: hi( 1hur1h ;a young 9other .ith three 1hi+dren;.ho had o5en heart (urgery. /uring (u1h an o5eration it i( ne1e((ary to (to5 the heart0eat, o: 1our(e. Ho.e8er, a:ter they (tarted it again, the .o9an died. The do1tor( 9anaged to get her heart going again,

0raying !ith the %elp of the %oly pirit


0ut they (aid there .a( a0(o+ute+y no 1han1e :or the young .o9an to +i8e. E8en i: (he .ere to re8i8e, it .ou+d ha8e 0een 0etter :or her to die, :or her 0rain had 0een de5ri8ed o: too 9u1h o*ygen. I: (he .ere to +i8e, (he 5ro0a0+y .ou+d not 2no. anything. It .a( ine8ita0+e that (he had 0rain da9age. /uring that night .hi+e the 5a(tor .a( (+ee5ing, he .a( a.a2ened 0y the (ound o: (o9eone groaning. He noti1ed hi( .i:e .a(n?t in 0ed, (o he (u55o(ed (he 9u(t ha8e 0e1o9e i++. He got u5 to (ee a0out her, and :ound her on her :a1e on the +i8ing roo9 :+oor, groaning and 5raying in tongue(. 3( they .ere ne. in the thing( o: the S5irit, he didn?t under(tand .hat .a( ha55ening, nor did hi( .i:e. He a(2ed, <Honey, .hat i( the 9atterH< <I don?t under(tand it,< (he (aid, <0ut in 9y (5irit I ha8e a 0urden to 5ray :or the gir+ .ho had heart (urgery. I Gu(t 1an?t +et her die.< <'ay0e .e (hou+dn?t 5ray that (he .ou+d +i8e,< he (aid. <I: (he +i8e(, her 9ind .on?t 0e right, and that .i++ 0e a terri0+e thing :or tho(e three 1hi+dren.< The .i:e re5+ied that e8en though (he 1ou+dn?t under(tand it, (he had thi( o8er.he+9ing 0urden and had to 5ray :or the young .o9an. She (5ent three night( in 5rayer, groaning and 5raying in tongue(. )n the :ourth day the young 9other (udden+y regained 1on(1iou(ne(( and .a( 1o95+ete+y hea+ed. Her 9ind .a( 2een and a+ert. The do1tor( .ere a(toni(hed. Thi( re9ar2a0+e hea+ing 1a9e a0out 0e1au(e the S5irit he+5ed the 5a(tor?( .i:e in 5rayer. In 7o9an( 8&2! .e a+(o (ee a truth regarding hea+ing :or our(e+8e(. "6ikewise the pirit also helpeth our infirmities....< In 'atthe. 8&1 .e read, <...%imself took our infirmities, and bare our sicknesses.< %e 2no. that Be(u( 5ur1ha(ed hea+ing :or u(, 0ut it i( the Ho+y S5irit .ho 0ring( that hea+ing to our 0odie(. He i( the agen1y.


'he Interceding (hristian

In (tudying thi( 5ortion o: S1ri5ture in the Aree2, .e +earn that there are a1tua++y three Aree2 .ord( in8o+8ed in the Eng+i(h .ord that i( tran(+ated <he+5eth.< )ne o: the Aree2 .ord( 9ean( <to ta2e ho+d together.< 3nother Aree2 .ord 9ean( <.ith.< The third Aree2 .ord 9ean( <again(t.< The three together, then, 9ean <to ta2e ho+d together .ith again(t.< There:ore, 7o9an( 8&2! 9ean( that the S5irit <ta2e( ho+d together .ith u( again(t our in:ir9itie(.< Thi( i95+ie( that i: .e don?t ta2e a (tand, the S5irit doe(n?t ha8e anything to ta2e ho+d .ith u( again(t. The ne*t 1+au(e in 7o9an( 8&2! (ay(, "for we know not what we should pray for as we ought.< Thi( i95+ie( that .e ta2e ho+d together .ith the S5irit again(t our in:ir9itie( in 5raying in the S5irit. %e 1an (ee, then, that the rea(on (o9e do not re1ei8e hea+ing i( that they do not ta2e a (tand again(t their in:ir9ity o: (i12ne((. The Ho+y S5irit doe(n?t ha8e anything to <ta2e ho+d .ith the9 again(t.< I: He doe(n?t ha8e their 1oo5eration in 5rayer, He ha( no one .ith .ho9 He 1an <ta2e ho+d .ith again(t,< He ha( no .ay in .hi1h to 0ring hea+ing. 3nother intere(ting thing to note a0out the S1ri5ture "6ikewise the pirit also helpeth our infirmities" C7o9. 8&2!D i( the .ord <a+(o.< Thi( 9ean( that the S5irit he+5(, too. Be(u( did (o9ething a0out our in:ir9itie(. "%imself took our infirmities and bare our sicknesses" C'att. 8&1 D, 0ut "the pirit also helpeth our infirmities.< So9eti9e( .hen 5ro0+e9( ari(e .hi1h in8o+8e 9e, 9y :a9i+y, or :riend(, I get on 9y 2nee( and (ay, <@ord, I don?t 2no. ho. to 5ray a0out thi(= I don?t 2no. ho. to 5ray a( I ought. But >ou 2no., and >our %ord (ay( the Ho+y S5irit i( to 0e 9y He+5er. I tru(t and 0e+ie8e >ou to he+5 9e.< Then I 0egin to 5ray in other tongue(. So9eti9e( I (tart out to 5ray .ithin 9y(e+: .ithout any 5arti1u+ar anointing. 3( S9ith %igg+e(.orth (aid, <I (tart out in the :+e(h and .ind u5 in the

0raying !ith the %elp of the %oly pirit


S5irit.< So9e 5eo5+e are .aiting :or the Ho+y S5irit to 9a2e the9 do (o9ething. They are .aiting :or (o9ething to the9. Ho.e8er, .e don?t need to .ait :or (o9e (5e1ia+ :ee+ing. %e 1an Gu(t 2no. that the He+5er i( there, and .e 1an a(2 Hi9 to he+5 u(. Then a( .e 0e+ie8e He i( he+5ing u(, He .i++ <ta2e ho+d together .ith u(< again(t that 5ro0+e9.

%ith 9i++ion( o: Faith @i0rary 0oo2( in 1ir1u+ation, the 5rinted 5age 1ontinue( to 0e a 9aGor outrea1h o: Kenneth Hagin 'ini(trie(. The 8oi1e o: Kenneth Hagin 'ini(trie( i( :urther a95+i:ied around the .or+d through the 9edia& 3 2#-5age :ree 9onth+y 9agaFine, 'he !ord of Faith; an internationa+ radio 0road1a(t, <Faith Se9inar o: the 3ir<= nation.ide 3++ Faith(? -ru(ade(= Faith @i0rary ta5e(= and 7HE'3 -orre(5onden1e Bi0+e S1hoo+. The(e out-rea1he( are 8ita+ to the 5art Kenneth Hagin 'ini(trie( (hare( in :u+:i++ing the Areat -o99i((ion;yet, there i( 9ore . . . 7HE'3 Bi0+e Training -enter i( another dyna9i1 outrea1h o: Kenneth Hagin 'ini(trie(. Founded in 19 #, 7HE'3 o::er( a high Eua+ity o: 9ini(teria+ (tudie( de(igned to train and eEui5 9en and .o9en to enter the E8ange+i(ti1, Pa(tora+, Tea1hing, 'i((ion(, He+5(, >outh, and -hi+dren?( 9ini(trie(. Today thou(and( o: graduate( o: 7HE'3 ha8e 8entured into e8ery inha0ited 1ontinent o: the earth, 1arrying the Aood Ne.( o: the Ao(5e+ o: Be(u( -hri(t;.ith (ign( To re1ei8e a :ree, :u++-1o+or 0ro1hure on 7HE'3 Bi0+e Training -enter, a :ree 9onth+y 9agaFine, 'he !ord of Faith, or to re1ei8e our Faith @i0rary -ata+og .ith a 1o95+ete +i(ting o: Kenneth Hagin 'ini(trie(? 0oo2( and ta5e(, .rite& 8enneth Dagin >inistries P.). Bo* 5012! Tu+(a, )K #150-012!
In (anada write3

P.). Bo* ""5, Station /, Eto0i1o2e CTorontoD, )ntario -anada, '93 #4"

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