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bdn proposal template

bdn proposal template

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Published by: Todd Benoit on Oct 19, 2009
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Proposal for

Greta Grant / Tracy Strathdee

Tuesday, Dec 9th, 2008

Steve Williams, Online Media Consultant
207.990.8043, swilliams@bangordailynews.net

Proposal – How we can reach your objectives
First paragraph – this should be about the customer’s business, and what they need, what ARE their business objectives. SAMPLE: Bangor Daily News needs: The new media department has recently completed a redesign of their Web site, and concluded a project to put a strong foundation of product management skills and disciplined process for measuring ROI of efforts. They now are ready to focus on revenue generation in key verticals and kick off strong sales effort. This proposal highlights a creative solution for Shannon Kinney to satisfy these needs as an independent consultant, working directly with the Bangor Daily News team as we develop product and revenue/sales strategies and tactics by vertical, launch solutions, and grow revenue. Second paragraph this should be what you are proposing, and why. How does this meet their needs? SAMPLE: Recommendations: Shannon Kinney will join the team as an active member that works with the new media department on these important projects. As part of this arrangement, Shannon Kinney will dedicate time on and off site to the position and work with the team to accomplish the goals needed to get the foundations of revenue for the department. Here we should have screenshots of what we are proposing:

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bangordailynews.com value proposition
The Bangor Daily News is the largest advertising medium in our region. Some would be surprised to hear that bangordailynews.com is the second largest. Generating over one million visits per month, bangordailynews.com proves itself time and time again as a cost effective and succesful advertising medium. Our audience is diverse, highly educated, and have some of the largest average incomes in the state of Maine. By advertising on bangordailynews.com, a cost effective and successful ad campaign is ensured.

User Facts
Largest local website in area • Over one million visits • Over four million page views Highly engaged audience • 60% does not subscribe to the paper – expands your audience • Average income above $67,000 • Over 89% shop locally • 55% Female / 45% Male • More than 70% homeowners • More than 60% married

*Map source; Google Analytics

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I. Effective Solutions
This paragraph, if you include it, should give stats / talk about the specific product you’re offering. For example, this section of the site gets the most traffic, or it’s perfectly targeted to your needs because, etc, etc

Insert more screenshots here as needed

Tracking Success
We will be tracking success by closely monitoring click through rates and impressions. Our ability to track clicks and impressions (the amount of times your ad comes up on a page) puts bangordailynews.com far ahead of the competition.

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Description of Work Anticipated Costs

Homepage Full Banner

The “full banner” is the ad unit at the top of bdn.com homepage. We will provide ¼ of the entire traffic coming to our homepage. Your ad will be seen roughly 250,000 times guaranteed! Tota l Cost: Below are other products that would provide effective advertising options on bangordailynews.com.

Retail Value: $3,750


Other Products


Will provide 50,000 impressions. We can deliver these over a two week period $750 at the end of January when H&R block is looking to make their advertising push. Take over our homepage for an entire day. For one day no other ads will show up on the bdn.com homepage other that H&R Blocks. (see screen shot)

Homepage Roadblock


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Here is where we will create a one page mini-contract that they sign and agree to…

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