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March 13, 2014 "Burma Human Rights Day"

Activists have called for March 13 to be made a public holiday in Burma.

Burma 2008 Constitution was undemocratic

For a quarter of a century, March 13 has been informally known as Human Rights Day or Phone Maw Day, who was shot dead during protests by Burmese soldiers on this day in 1988. His death, along with that of another student, Ko Soe Naing, who died from his injuries a few days later, inflamed the protests against military rule and helped forge the modern democracy movement in Burma. Burma - 2008 Constitution was drafted in an undemocratic manner, without input from representatives elected by the people, and its clauses do not facilitate the establishment of a democratic union.

Burma is going through its most challenging time as reforms are taking place while the 2015 Election is only a year away. Through the country seems to be changing in many ways there are paramount concerns with slow pace of reforms, wide-spread land grabs, cronyism, uncertainty with amending the Sham constitution and the ultimate outcome of the 2015 elections.

Burma marked International Human Rights Day on 13 March, to the date that the United Nations adopted its Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Email at : For more information at :

'Please Use Your Liberty to Promote Ours'

Although the countrys human rights situation is better now than it was under decades of oppressive military rule, rights abuses in Burma.

In the past, we didnt have the chance to say what we wanted. Now, compared to the past, we are beginning to have a chance, but not fully,

"Under the Myanmar Junta, Burmese people have been suffering from severe violation of human rights for more than 42 years, and there are still now a number of political prisoners. We hope to gain attention from Canadian public about the conditions of our Human Rights".

There are serious challenges and concerns as the military and their cronies are still firmly in control of the country's political and economic power while many forms of abuse continue. An election is scheduled to be held in 2015, but no one is sure what would be the likely outcome.

Sham Military in Burmese parliament