PR as planned communication

Strategy: a plan of action designed to achieve a
particular goal. Essence of strategic thinking within PR: A series of steps -research -plan -evaluate the plan -refine the plan -implement the plan -etc.

PR as planned communication
Questions to be addressed: (Tench/Yeomans, 177) • What is our problem? (research) • What do we seek to achieve? (objectives) • Who should we talk to? (publics) • What should we say? (content/message) • How should we communicate the message? (communication channels) • How should we measure our efforts? (evaluation)

PR as planned communication
Setting the objectives:
(Preceding activities: problem analysis and research on the organisation’s publics ) Types of objectives (broad categories): Knowledge Attitudes Behavior

PR as planned communication
McGuire (1989): Theoretical foundations of campaigns. In Rice/Atkin: Public communication campaigns

12 steps of opinion formation and behavior
(= the stages of thought and action persons go through as they are influenced by information and opinion) • Being exposed to a message • Attending to a message • Liking or becoming interested in a message • Comprehending the message • Acquiring the skills to use the information and evaluation contained in the message • Capitulating/yielding to the message • Storing the message content in memory • Recalling the message content from memory • Deciding on the basis of the information retrieved • Behaving in a manner that is based on the information • Reinforcing behavior that leads to positive outcomes • Consolidating behaviors that are positive so that they become routine and repeated

PR as planned communication
Planning: Rationality Orderliness Control Challenge: reality is chaotic Dynamic environment (competitors, technology, political and legal environment etc.) Bad habits (”we never do like that around here...”) Lack of resources (money, competent staff ….) Time pressure The human factor

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