MARCH 18, 2014

NR # 3409

Bill to require firms, schools and government offices to install CCTV in their premises
A lawmaker has filed a bill requiring government offices, schools and business establishments to install and maintain Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras in their premises to deter crimes. ep. !amuel "agdilao ("art#list, ACT$C%!), author of &ouse 'ill ()(*, said CCTV cameras could be utili+ed for solving crimes since these will record the crimes that have happened and in the process identif# offenders. ,A potential criminal who becomes aware of the presence of CCTV cameras ma# prevent or deter such person from committing a criminal act,- "agdilao said. Covered b# the proposed act are banks, department stores, shopping malls, colleges and universities, gasoline stations, pawnshops, lending institutions, convenience stores. "agdilao said the bill also mandates the local government unit (./0s) to install CCTV cameras in government buildings, public markets, terminals, pla+as, parks and main thoroughfares. "agdilao said CCTV cameras should be maintained in proper working condition during office hours or even 12 hours under the discretion of the management or officials. 0nder the bill, the business establishments and ./0s shall retain the recorded digital images for (3 da#s for review and reference purposes and shall be preserved for one #ear. The use of video recording as evidence in an# civil or criminal case shall be allowed upon written order of a court. 'usiness establishments with "*3,333 to "*33,333 capitali+ation are required to put up one digital video recorder, four CCTV cameras and one %nfra ed camera with *3 meters range in their premises. Those with "*33,333 to "4 million capitali+ation are mandated to install one digital video recorder, eight CCTV cameras and %nfra ed camera with *3 meters range to monitor outer perimeters. .ikewise, those with capitali+ation higher than "4 million are required b# the measure to install one digital video recorder, 45 CCTV cameras, %nfra ed camera with 433$meter range. Violators face a fine of "43,333 and suspension of its business permit while local officials shall be considered as nonfeasance and shall be sub6ect to the proper penalties as provided for b# law. ((3) mrs

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