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Six Point Lesson Plan

STAR Academy

Teacher: Mr. R. D. Gloria Room 25 Date: October 7 – 9, 2009


Text Reference Solving One – Step Inequalities

Lesson 2 – 6 Prentice Hall Mathematics Course 3 pages 90
– 91
Objectives At the end of the lesson the students are expected to
solve and graph one – step inequalities by adding or
subtracting and by multiplying or dividing.


1. Focus and • Solving One – Step Inequalities 5 min

• For warm-up activity the students will answer
the check skills you’ll need.
• Review the answer in class.

2. Statement of graph linear inequalities with open circle and/or

Objectives closed circle
• use inverse operation in solving one – step
linear inequalities.
• use number line in identifying the solution for
an inequality
3. Teacher Input • Review in class: 15 min
1. Inverse operations
2. Inequality symbols
3. Number line
Teach in class
1. Graph of linear inequalities
2. Inequality symbols
3. Solving One – step Inequality using
a. Adding
b. Subtracting
c. Multiplying
d. Dividing
4. Solution set of inequalities

4. Guided Practice• Show in class illustrative examples and discuss 10 min

the solution using the website www.
• Appropriate praises and proper motivation will
be given to the students.
5. Independent • Ask the students to go to the board and work on 25 min
some problems, allowing interaction among student
– student.
• The students will answer the self – assessment
provided in the website.
• Ask the students to do the problems in the
extension worksheet

6. Closure • Ask the student make generalization in the 5 min

lesson discussed.
MATERIALS • Solving multi - steps equations work sheet
• Online textbook
• Internet access