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Six Point Lesson Plan

STAR Academy

Teacher: Mr. R. D. Gloria Jr Room 25 Date: October 13 – 14 ,


Text Coordinate Plane: Graphing Points

Objectives At the end of the lesson the students will be able to identify and locate
points in the coordinate plane.


1. Focus and • Coordinate Plane: Graphing Points 5 min

Review • For warm-up activities use the problems on the check
skills you’ll need
• Review and discuss the answer in class

2. Statement • Locate points in the coordinate plane

of Objectives • Graph points in the coordinate plane
• Identify the quadrants where the point lies

3. Teacher • Teach in class: 10 min

Input 1. New vocabulary
a. coordinate plane
b. x and y axis
c. ordered pair
d. quadrants
2. Coordinate plane
3. Locating Points
4. Graphing points

4. Guided • Provide illustrative examples and discuss the solutions 15 min

Practice on the board.
• Let the students watch the videos about locating and
graphing points and answer the self-test questions in the

5. • The students will be provided an extra problems / 20 min

Independent worksheet on Coordinate Plane: Graphing Points
• Let the students answer the problems provided in the

6. Closure • Writing Activity: Explain in words. How do you plot the 5 min
points (-7 , 3) and (7 , -3)?

MATERIALS • Textbook
• White board and marker
• Worksheet: Coordinate Plane – graphing points and
locating points
• Internet access