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Six Point Lesson Plan

STAR Academy

Teacher: Mr. R. D. Gloria Jr Room 25 Date: October 15 – 16 ,


Text Monomials and Special Products

Reference Elementary Technical Mathematics 1
Objectives At the end of the lesson the students will be able to simplify special
products and distribute monomials though the parenthesis.


1. Focus and • Monomials and Special Products 5 min

Review • For warm-up activity: review of evaluating

2. Statement • distribute a monomial through the parenthesis

of Objectives • 2
simplify (a + b) & (a – b)

• simplify (a – b)(a + b)

3. Teacher • Teach in class: 10 min

Input 1. Distribution property of equality.
2. Multiplying a polynomial by a monomial.
3. Special Product Rules.
2 2
a. (a – b) and (a + b)
1. square the first term
2. add, twice the product of the first term and the
last term
3. add, square of the last term
b. (a – b)(a + b)
1. square the first term
2. minus, square of the second term

4. Guided • Provide illustrative examples and discuss the 15 min

Practice solutions on the board.
• Let the students show their work or solution in the
white board provided for them in the selected

5. • The students will be provided an extra problems / 20 min

Independent worksheet on distributing monomials through the
Practice parenthesis and special products.
• Ask student to explain their work in class.

6. Closure • Writing Activity: Let the students re-state the rules 5 min
in simplifying special products on their own words.
MATERIALS • Textbook
• White board and marker
• Worksheet: special products
• Internet access