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Facebook Document on Homepage Redesign

Facebook Document on Homepage Redesign

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Published by Ben Parr

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Published by: Ben Parr on Oct 19, 2009
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Home Page Re-design Preview

October 2009



New Home Page
Surfacing content that is most important to you
Facebook is simplifying the user experience on the home page by introducing Top News and Recent Activity streams. Now, when users log on to Facebook for the first time in a while, they will see the most important stories that they missed while they were away. From there, users can navigate to the real-time stream and toggle between both views throughout their sessions. In addition to making it easier for users to view content that is most relevant to them, this change also speeds up the time it takes for the home page to load and makes birthday reminders more prominent. Ultimately, Facebook believes these changes will increase engagement on the home page by surfacing more relevant stories to users.


News Feed
Users now have two views of News Feed: a summary view (Top News) of the most interesting activity happening with your friends and a real-time view (Recent Activity) that shows you exactly what is happening right now.

Top News view

Recent Activity view

People will be able to catch-up on what they may have missed while they weren’t logged in, and then easily toggle to the real-time stream during the same session. This gives people a better understanding of what the most important events happening around them over time are and gives them instant access to what’s also happening right now. Previously, the content that Facebook determined as the most interesting was presented in a Highlights section on the right hand side of the home page. In the new design, this content is surfaced in one of two views you see in the main stream. Users now have the opportunity to engage with that content by commenting, liking, or sharing it with their friends. Facebook has also put information back into the stream that people have asked for, including photo tags, friend acceptances, relationships, Event RSVPs and group memberships. In addition, birthdays are now viewable above the fold.


Engagement Ads
Impact on Ads
Organic fanning, event RSVP, and virtual gift stories will appear in the stream, in both summary and real-time views.

Now that the right column is less cluttered, the home page ad becomes more prominent. Facebook does not expect any change in brand impact or action rates associated with the ad in the new home page design.

Impact to Pages
The opportunity to acquire Fans increases with this new home page design. This is due to several reasons including the migration of Fan stories into the center stream, and the increase in “Suggestions” from one to two connections.

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