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ChemCAD preheater example
1 mole/sec of methane is used as fuel for a fired heater. If a stoichiometric amount of air is to be fed to the heater, compute 1. the necessary rate at which heat must be supplied to the air stream (in kW), and 2. the resulting temperature of the air/methane mixture prior to combusion if the air and methane both are available at 20o C and the air is to be preheated to 400o C. Approximate the composition of air as a 20/80 mixture of oxygen and nitrogen and the air and methane are available at 2 atm pressure.

ChemCAD implementation
1. Start the ChemCAD application; choose menu item File -> Save As... and save as a file on your computer's desktop. 2. In the Palette box, click on Heat Exchanges tab, then click on the Heat exchangers #1 symbol. Once the unit is selected, click on a point in the work space where you want the unit placed. Right clicking will unselect the heat exchanger. 3. Then place, by selecting from the main palette (clicking on All Unit Ops returns all process unit icons), the Feed and Product arrows. Place the 2 feed and 1 product arrows accordingly near the heat exchanger. 4. Click on the Piping and flow tab and add a mixer between the heat
http://www.isr.umd.edu/Labs/CACSE/A-Team/ChemCAD/tutorials/preheat.html 1/2

blue dots represent equipment feed streams and red dots represent equipment outlet streams.18/3/2014 ChemCAD tutorials exchanger and product arrow. From the main menu. Double-click on the other input stream arrow (connected to the mixer). click on the Stream icon (first row. select Run -> Run All. examine the heat exchanger duty and stream temperatures on the flowsheet. set the correct feed temperature and pressure and the methane flow to 1 mol/s. 5. set the outlet temperature to 400o C and 0 pressure drop. 3. first column) and use this to connect 1. A. Change pressure to atmospheres. one feed arrow to the heat exchanger inlet. In all cases. Double-click on the heat exchanger. enthalpy to kJ.umd. correct errors. Adomaitis of the University of Maryland. 10. After making these choices. the heat exchanger outlet to one mixer inlet. Created and maintained by R. Double-click on the input stream arrow connected to the heat exchanger. 11. and time to sec. 2. Select Thermophysical -> Select Components and add methane (2). the other feed arrow to another mixer inlet. respectively. set the correct feed temperature and pressure and the oxygen and nitrogen flows to 2 and 8 mol/s. Using the mouse. 7. Choose menu item Format -> Engineering Units to select Formal SI units for this problem. http://www. 9. 13. temperature to C. if any. click on the Options and References tab and change Component Flows to mole fractions. click OK. From the solution report obtained from Report -> Consolidated Report click on the Generate button. 6. nitrogen (46) and oxygen (47). the mixer outlet to the product arrow.html 2/2 .. Click OK until you are through all of the menus that subsequently appear.isr. 4. 2012. Component flows should be mole fractions .edu/Labs/CACSE/A-Team/ChemCAD/tutorials/preheat. While still in Piping and flow. 12. 8.to make that change.

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