Do not look back at the passage. Answer these questions! Recalling facts 1.

Business school in the United States have started to face ... a. Brighter times b. Harder times c. The same times 2. Which of the following business school has NOT shown a decrease in enrollment? a. Princeton b. Stanford c. Harvard 3. The author points out that many graduates find that an MBA degree does not guarantee a plush job on... a. Wall Street b. White House c. Overseas 4. According to the article, there are .... causing the decrease in business school enrollment a. One factor b. Two factors c. Three factors Discussion (Write your questions). Students’ A (Do not show these to Students’ B) 1. Would you like to go to business school? 2. Whould you like to work on Wall street too? Why? 3. ..... 4. ..... Students’ B. (Do not show these to Students’ A) 1. If you go to business school, which school will you choose? Why? 2. Do you think the decrease of student enrollment will automatically affect the college prestige? 3. .... 4. ....

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