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Revision Notes about Vesalius:

• Vesalius studied anatomy and how the body works

• Vesalius stole bodies from the grave yard where bodies used to hang
after execution.
• Vesalius wrote the fabric of the human body.
• Vesalius was the first to dissect a human body
• Vesalius challenged Galen ideas
• Vesalius corrected over 200 mistakes of Galen
• Vesalius identified major bones in the body
• Vesalius was interested in medical knowledge as well as medical
• Vesalius gave lectures in the university campus he worked in
• Vesalius first name was Andreas
• Vesalius was a Flemish-born anatomist whose dissections of the human
body helped to correct misconceptions dating from ancient times.
• Liberated the idea of medicine from Galen.
• Vesalius made significant discoveries in history and we are here today
because of his contribution and research.