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Section a - Further Explanation

Section a - Further Explanation

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Section A – a bit more help!!!!

For each example, can you state the following? 1. use one of the following sub headings; • provide information • Give advice • receive and pass on messages • keep records • provide assistance • deal with problems • deal with dissatisfied customers • offer extra services 2. Put the title of the form you are explaining 3. Explain when the form would be used 4. Explain who the conversation takes place between about the form 5. Explain where the conversation takes place about the form 6. List what information is needed to complete the form 7. Explain why the form leads to excellent customer service 8. When you hand in your booklet, please submit all the forms which you have mentioned, in the correct order Remember that this is a booklet for the staff to use, so ‘talk’ to the staff i.e.

Keep Records Ashford Leisure Trust Card Application’ When a customer wants information about becoming a member of The Stour Centre, they would ask the receptionist about how to do this. The receptionist will explain the benefits of becoming a member and ask them to complete an ‘Ashford Leisure Trust Card Application’ form. Etc etc!!!

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